Butterfly Trail @ Chestnut Avenue

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We went on (by far) my most favourite local hike last Sunday and I would be selfish and lazy not to share it. The latter half of the hike really could be an ideal location to shoot a whole new Survivor season. Apparently, this trail is “unofficial” which means that hiking in this area is probably illegal as its not open to the public – so you wouldn’t see many signs around. While we didn’t spot any other hikers, there were many cyclists on their super cool mountain bikes.

The total distance for this hike was slightly more than 8km. If you wish to do a shorter one, you could always start directly from the cyclists’ trail entrance at chestnut drive – that’s the most scenic part of the hike and its a 4km loop so you won’t get lost.

Walking from CCK to Chestnut Drive (4km)

We started from the park connector nearest to where I live – Pang Sua Park Connector behind Pioneer Junior College. As usual, M lovingly prepared breakfast for me because I will only wake up for food. He throws anything that tastes decent into the wrap so it tastes yummy but honestly looks gross most of the time.



So basically you just got to follow the Pang Sua Park Connector and you’ll pass plenty of refreshing sights – really a feast for your eyes especially when you’re in the midst of a plain ol’ concrete jungle diet. Little privately owned vegetable farms, Singaporeans dressed up like farmers digging away at the soil to plant their organic cabbage heads… foreign workers laughing and running in their exciting game of cricket. The marriage of harmony and tranquility practically unfolds before your eyes.



Once you reach Bukit Panjang Post Office, its going to be a boring urban hike for a while (about 2km) where you walk pass 10 mile junction and many hdb blocks and finally Zheng Hua Secondary School. Continue walking alllllll the way forward (be sure to follow the wooden signs along the entire bukit panjang road stretch) and you will eventually see a pretty prominent neighbourhood market and Kim San Leng coffee shop next to it (blk 268, bukit panjang ring road). Cross the traffic light to the other side of the road at the coffee shop and walk straight ahead, passing the bus stop and overhead bridge. Turn right into the park where you will see the final brown signboard with ‘Pang Sua Park Connector’ written in bold white font on it.


Once you turn into the park, you will see rows and rows of huge water pipes on your left. Turn right and walk away from these pipes (pictured below).


As you’re following the track, you’ll notice there’s a narrow side road next to the path you’re on (NOT THE HIGHWAY). Cross over to that road. We crossed over through the bushes at a little hole we found (pictured below with the Bata van)


You’re officially on Chestnut drive! Yaaaay congratulations if you made this far because I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far without any assistance with directions. Make a U-turn following this road – i.e. walk on the opposite direction.

Chestnut Drive & the Butterfly Trail Loop (4km)

Walk all the way straight following the road (you should now be walking the the opposite direction as you were before you got onto this road) You should walk pass the 2 landmarks as pictured below.

(Alternatively, you could always cab or drive to this road and do a 4km hike from here)



At the end of the road, you’ll see Chestnut Avenue Waterworks (PUB) and the entrance to the butterfly trail loop should be just on your right, just before the PUB entrance sign. You will probably see a congregation of cyclists resting at the entrance.

THIS. is where the fun starts. I was grumpy until I entered the loop. Amazeballs. You won’t get lost in the loop – cause well ya its a loop. HAHA. The entire dirt trail is literally next to Upper Peirce Reservoir and there are NO BARRIERS. The water flows in as if its a beach or something. Just so beautiful. And the roots of the trees create a stunning formation on the ground. Pictures don’t do such nature justice especially because they are such uncommon sights in Singapore. You really need to go check it out for yourself before the authorities start to introduce infrastructure such as barriers in this area and the essence of the area definitely wouldn’t appear as authentic as it does there now. Construction in this area is already underway, so you got to get there pronto.

Enjoy the pictures!

image(9)  photo 1(1)



photo 2(1)



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