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Hola amigos!

I’ve had so much fun of late playing around with … REINFORCEMENT RING STICKERS.

colourblocknails1 colourblocknails2

Don’t know what they are? You’ll probably find a box of it hidden in your office drawer… or if your office does not handle filing, you’d easily find them in your local stationery store. Costing just a dollar a box, its bound to be your favourite (and cheapest) nail art assistant.

Its basically a circular sticker with a hole in it (doughnut!) which is used to ensure papers with punched holes do not tear off your ring files. For the purpose of nail art, all you have to do is to paste it on your nail (at whichever level of your preference) to create super sleek nail designs of limitless possibilities – just use your imagination and a huge box of OPI miniatures in varying colours would come in handy! Coincidentally – ok, maybe not so much of a coincidence – I happen to have a fresh new box of OPIs that allows me to play around with different colour blocking techniques.


I love purchasing OPI minis because they allow me to really figure out which colour suits me the best. Once I get hooked to a certain colour and I think its worth an investment for an actual big bottle, then I would go ahead to purchase the actual sized bottle. Don’t know about you, but It’s my way of convincing myself that I’m a smart shopper. HAHA.


I first fell in love with this kinda ‘half moon’ colour blocking nail art when I had in done in the nail salon mid last year (pictured above, gelish). It was probably the best nail job I’ve had done in a salon ever. The lady who did it didn’t use reinforcement stickers because she’s obviously a pro – but now that I discovered these legendary doughnut stickers that I can actually DIY with, I’m exhilarated.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless… you could use a gold glitter gel brush to draw a fine line between the two colour blocks for that extra óooooooh’ effect or even use more than 2 colours for it! Below are 2 pictures that I got off google for that may help you further inspire you.

colourblocknails5 colourblocknails6

Do you have any cool (and fuss-free) nail art techniques? I’d love to know what yours are – let me know in the comment box below!



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