DIY Cocoa Body & Face Scrub

Beauty, Skincare

Hello girls (and boys)!

I’m super excited to share all my secret body scrub recipes! I have been making body scrubs for the past one year and experimenting with all kinds of ingredients – some have turned out nasty, and others have turned out dreamy. Today I will be sharing one DIY scrub recipe (out of the many) and it has plenty to do with my favourite anti-depressants: CHOCOLATE and COFFEE!


What you will need:

  1.  Finely grounded coffee (any kind, I used coffee powder that doesn’t suit my family’s taste buds and have been sitting around useless until now)
  2. 100% natural cocoa powder
  3. Finely shredded coconut
  4. Almond oil
  5. Coconut oil


Wondering why I have not specified the quantity of each ingredient? Well, since this is DIY, you get to make your own measurements according to your preference. If you’re looking for a more moisturizing scrub, increase the amount of natural oils. If you’re looking for more exfoliation, increase the amount of ground coffee and shredded coconut. Personally, I use this scrub for both my face and body so I use less coffee to tone down the roughness of the scrub’s texture so that my face won’t be scrubbed off. Always be gentle on your face.


Label your little jar of fresh scrub with a simple masking tape and sharpie combo or you could print the label I made for you guys (below). Would make a lovely gift for your chocolate loving self or friends!


Remember to store this baby in the fridge to extend its shelf life – it will be able to last for up to 2 months if well kept.

Hope you have fun trying this scrub out!



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