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I hope you’re prepared for a pictures and reviews filled post – because today I will be sharing my 4 staple products for everyday hair styling. I have been having this hair style for about 7 years now and I frequently get compliments for it so you might like to try it out too!

I will be going through the following hair products in today’s post:

  • Braun Satin Hair 7
  • Tony and Guy Hair Protection Mist (Anti Static Control)
  • Remington Pearl Pro Hair Straightener
  • Moroccanoil Hair Treatment


Satin-Hair Brush

This brush is truly as glamorous and cool as how this advertorial portrays it to be. I got this as a Christmas present after hinting to my partner about it. It is slightly on the pricey side (available for about 50 bucks at courts) for a brush. However, this is definitely more than an ordinary brush. It’s ionic technology helps to reduce static or fly away hair. No, it does not do much for frizz, but it leaves your hair feeling soft and does a great job at untangling even the most disastrous mane. I adore how the brush tips are not too pokey yet not to soft and gives my scalp an amazing feeling when brushing.


This brush only works on dry hair, so I usually blow or air dry my hair before using it. I even have a name for this brush – Stacey (with the ‘e’). I bring Stacey everywhere I go in her pretty wooly pouch which I found in Daiso. It instantaneously makes my hair look more presentable especially when I have last minute meeting to attend.



The brush lights up in a luminous green once its switched on (battery operated) and the ions will be released from a little green hole at the back of the comb (pictured above). Super cool, I tell you! I love a product that not only looks this awesome but actually does a good job – and is also practical. The brush tips are easily removable for washing (pictured below).



As you can see from the picture above. my hair remains in its usual frizzy state- please do not expect this product to do anything for your frizz. Frizz can only be controlled with hair masks, treatments and oils which I will also be sharing under my beauty-hair category. Its ionic technology only promises to smoothen the feel of your hair and to it look much neater due to less flyaway and static hair.


  • Reduces flyaway and static hair
  • Easy on the scalp
  • Easy to dismantle for washing
  • Super innovative


  • I wish it was slightly smaller so I can fit it into my smaller bags

4.5 stars



If you style your hair as frequently as me (2-3 times a week), then you should most definitely get a heat protection mist. I have tried really expensive brands that come in the form of a serum that you apply before using any heat on your hair – don’t. ever. purchase. a. serum. base. heat. protector. It tends to be extremely oily and weighs your hair down and and and and its just horribleeeee. I swear when you use a serum base protector, sometimes you can hear “sssiiiizzzzzzzzz” when you try to straighten you hair – as if you’ve just thrown in an egg on a frying pan. It’s freaky.

That’s why I have stuck to T&G hair mist – its extremely light weight and does a great job at reducing any post-styling hair static. It also visibly prevents your hair from frying. Most importantly, its half the price of such serum based protectors.  Definitely, hands down – a staple product that every girl should have.

5 stars






Previously, I had an ISO hair straightener for 6 full years and it was my most prized beauty possession before it died 2 months ago. It was a true beauty with sleek titanium plates and pink tattooed handles.. but when it retired, I couldn’t bring myself to fork out another 350 bucks for it. Yes – it cost me SGD 350 (selling online for USD 300) when I was only a poor undergrad. I had to buy it though – during the try out it was so good that even as it straightened/curled my hair, I couldn’t really feel the plates against my hair because the titanium plates were just THAT smooth.

Here’s a picture of my ex-lover. If you’re feeling rich and you’re in need of one of the world’ best hair straighteners (IMO) then you should check it out.

I found a hair straightener that is arguably AS GOOD, and for ONE TENTH the price. Yes, 1/10 the price of the ISO straightener. The only thing that this cheap alternative lacks is the smoothness of the titanium plates which I cannot deny, did disappoint me initially. I got over it after using it a few times when I realized that it styles as well – if not – better, then the ISO product.

I’m talking about the amazing Remington Pearl Pro Flat Iron. I came across this product online when I saw thousands of girls gushing over it on Youtube and I knew I had to get it to replace my dead straightener. Unfortunately, it was selling at a whooping SGD 179 at Mustafa which I could not accept because I know it retails for about USD 30 in the States. So, I got it on ebay from an American seller… it reached me 2 weeks after, in a plain cardboard box. I was appalled. The first thing that struck me was ‘oh no, I got a fake’ It didnt seem right because hey I paid USD 50 for it and the original sells for USD 30 in the States so why did I get sent a fake when I paid more for it?!? I’m still confused. I used it anyway and it was AWESOME. It sure does not perform like a fake. Besides the plain brown box (instead of the usual original box), nothing about this straightener seems fake it me. It works like a dream.

Either ways, I intend to order this item again from the main Remington products website in US so that I will be sent the authentic version. I mean, if the fake can work this well, I can’t even begin to imagine how the authentic one would be.

Does anyone know how I can check if my item is a fake because I really really don’t think it is, despite its dubious looking plain box!


  • 1” Pearl Ceramic plates
  • 450 degree F digital salon high heat
  • 15 second heat up time
  • Digital display controls with turbo boost
  • Floating Plate
  • Temperature control lock
  • 60 minute auto shut off


  • Very affordable
  • heats up SO quickly
  • easy to adjust heat
  • reduces frizz to a large extent
  • curls as perfectly as it straightens
  • Swivel cord which doesn’t allow the wire to tangle (best feature ever)
  • The design of the wand allows it to produce perfect curls as it has rather rounded edges (another awesome feature!)


  • I prefer titanium plates to ceramic as it is smoother, less friction with hair strands

4.5 stars




I use this serum after I’m done styling my hair – it adds shine and removes every last frizz to perfection. I’m also in love with its smell – it’s simply divine. There are lotsssss of reviews on this product… increasingly negative because of its hefty price (about SGD 80 for this small bottle). However, I am not daunted by the price because this small bottle has been with me for about 8 months now and I’ve only used up one fifth of it despite using it every alternate day! Totally worth the price, if you ask me.


Here’s how my hair looks like after using my Remington Pearl to produce some curls at the bottom half and the Moroccan oil to add shine and eliminate frizz. Such a huge difference as compared to the very first picture that showed my natural hair after brushing right?! Magic.


  • Eliminates frizz
  • Provides shine that lasts for up to 6 hours
  • Protects and nourishes your hair when it is left on (works like a leave in conditioner)
  • Smells great


  • I wish the shine it provides would last for longer
  • Be careful to not use more than a pea-sized amount as a little goes a long way with this product. Usage of more than necessary will weigh down your hair and might be too oily.

4.5 stars

Oookay, this has been a looong post so kudos to you if you managed to read through it! & here’s a selfie to show the front view of the entire finished results after using all the 4 reviewed products


(For those who are curious, I’m using 3 basic products on my face: Laneige BB cushion, Maybelline Hypersharp Liner and Dior Addict Lip Glow)

Thanks for reading, chicas!



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