Singapore’s HSBC TreeTop Walk

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Yesterday, my partner and I set off for our usual Sunday hike and decided to visit HSBC’s TreeTop Walk again. I love this treetop walk because it reminds me so much of Walpole’s treetop walk (Valley of the Giants) that we visited when we went on a road trip in Perth.

We hiked a total of 12km under the most unforgiving sun – starting from Venus Drive (theres a parking lot and also a whole list of buses that goes there) and ended at Bukit Timah.

If you intend to visit the HSBS TreeTop Walk for a hike, you should prepare yourself for a minimum distance of 10km and there aren’t many exits along the way. Ensure you have at least 2 bottles of water and some snacks (well hidden in your bag, away from the monkeys) to keep you going through the hike.

Funny story – merely 500 meters into the hike, I was munching on my breakfast when a monkey spotted the food and hurried towards me. I was so frightened and there was no bin around so I threw it away to the side so that the monkeys could help themselves to it. It was really quite a daunting experience as about 10 monkeys came running to my breakfast roll. My partner was visibly shaken too and told me that I shouldn’t have done that as more monkeys would come after me, thinking that I have more food in my bag. Thankfully, that didn’t happen.

Moral of the story: Keep your food in your bag at all times, out of sight from the monkeys.

IMG_0530  IMG_0533 IMG_0532

Entrance of the TreeTop Walk



Picturesque view from the top – of trees, and more trees. You can even see through the ground of the platform – so if you have a fear of heights, you may like to get over your fear right here. 😛


You can see Upper Pierce Reservoir from a distance – my favourite reservoir in Singapore! Click here for the hiking route along Upper Pierce Reservoir.



End of the suspension bridge, a flight of wooden stairs will lead you to a little hut where you can take a rest (Tempines Hut)



Take note of the opening hours! Not opened on Monday, Public Holidays and beyond 5pm on any other day.


On this map, you can see where we started (Venus Drive) but we hiked towards the direction of Bukit Timah which should be to the left of the map, not pictured on this particular board. You may choose to hike towards MacRitchie Reservoir to the bottom right of this map but it would be a really short distance. Previously, we have started from the entrance of MacRitchie Reservoir -> TreeTop -> Bukit Timah which was about at 15km hike altogether.



This sign tells you that you have completed 5 km. 7 more to go! The 2nd half of the hike proved to be more challenging due to the a more uneven ground than expected.


Had to stop for a stretch and my 2nd break because the scorching weather was really wearing me down. So yeah, I just sat on the ground since there were no more huts in sight.

Whenever we end our hike in Bukit Timah, we usually have a hearty lunch either at Beauty World (top level awesome and hugeee hawker centre) or Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre which is along Jurong Kechil road. Nothing motivates us more during a hike than a nice ice cold cup of sugarcane and lemon juice. Ahhhhhh…



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