YSL Makeover Review

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Hey girls!

I had my first ever cosmetic makeover today at YSL (ION Orchard). It was a pretty cool experience just sitting at the vanity table and having someone to massage my face with top notch skincare lotions and then making my face all pretty and glowy!

Before the makeover…

And after!





1. YSL Top Secrets: Toning & Cleansing Micellar Water (light blue bottle, pictured above)

I never heard of this particular cleanser before – so I wasn’t expecting much… but boy did it impress me. Not only did it remove my sunscreen and powder in one wipe, but it also left my skin feeling refreshed with a comforting fragrance – as if I just had a facial wash. I would definitely consider purchasing this once my current cleansers run out. It is also affordable compared to other cleanser competitors – this YSL Top Secrets Cleanser is retailing for only SGD 63!

4.5 stars

2. Forever Youth Liberator range: (from left) Lotion, Eye Zone Serum and Eye Creme

This entire youth range intimidates me, if I have to be fully honest. There were 2 other products from this range that the makeup artiste put on my face that I did not take a picture of… there were some kind of Y-shape lotion and creme that is meant to prevent sagging of facial skin. I try to keep away from such anti-aging products as I intend to only start on such products when I turn 30.

However, I am hooked on YSL Facial Serum that I reviewed before here. It reverses all of my abrupt pimple breakouts. I love it – its definitely the best product in the entire range.


1. Valentine’s Day/ Chinese New Year Limited Edition Eyeshadow

IMG_0613IMG_0614 photo(1)

This eyeshadow combi is perfect for an everyday smokey eye look! Its a bonus that it comes in uber cute packaging. This set also comes with instructions which makes it really easy to put on by yourself and so easy to carry around. Since its limited edition, it does come with a rather heavy price tag – SGD 93 for this baby. But if you ask me, its worth the purchase – highly pigmented and lasted me the whole day with a flawless finish.

4.5 stars

2. Le Teint Encre de Peau Liquid Foundation SPF 19


Love love love – YSL’s latest product. This is probably the first liquid foundation I’ve tried that I actually like. It blends in well with a brush and has a matt finish that makes it look as if I’m not wearing any make up at all. Overall, it brightens up the face effortlessly and erases any trace of fatigue instantly. My only problem with this is that it can stain clothes because its highly pigmented and also it requires a brush for proper application – I’m much too lazy to whip out a brush so I’ll stick to my YSL compact powder instead. I’d definitely like to have this on my face for more special occasions though!

3.5 stars

3. YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush Lip & Cheeks


I used number 12 (nude) on my lips and number 4 (orangey pink) on my cheeks.

I have purchased this as gifts for friends, but I’ve never tried it on myself. I loved it. Personally, I feel it works better on the cheeks – its long lasting and dewy as a blusher and requires only a few dabs for a beautiful glow. As a lip gloss, its completely gone after a meal with no trace of it left. I would definitely purchase this – but only as an awesome blusher (maybe for the lips if I suddenly decide to take a selfie. hahaha)

4.5 stars


The amazing woman who created magic on my face! Her name is Zona Wah and she’s a senior makeup artist in YSL. You should definitely book your makeover with her if you have a fancy date coming up – no regrets fo sure.


Look at this awesome set of professional YSL brushes she used on my face! I truly felt like a little princess.

Wondering how I got this complimentary makeover? All you have to do is to spend above SGD 200 and you will get to redeem it! You also will get a YSL membership that entitles you to birthday makeovers and other awesome promotions. Trust me, in YSL, your 200 bucks will definitely be more than well spent.

P.S. Special credit to my awesome partner who sat through the entire 1 hour makeup session despite his exhaustion! Love you to the moon and back, M 🙂 ❤



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