Shu Uemura : Beach Makeup!

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Today I attended a CLEO x Shu Uemura event at ION Orchard – and I’m sure glad I did because I discovered a few MUST HAVE products from the brand that never lets down.

I have been a Shu fan since 2 years ago – I swear by their compact powder and blush. Today, I discovered that their Rouge Unlimited Lipsticks are totally to die for… was pure fate when I won one of these lipsticks in a little game I played with the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors where one of the guys had to put on lipstick for me (which ended badly when most of it got on my teeth! Nevertheless, A for effort? hahaha) I can’t wait to post the review and pictures of this amazing lippy which you MUST have if you already do not have it!


The primary star product of today’s event was the Glower Creator (base and top glow boosting cream). This product acts as a base to illuminate the face (by mixing it with your foundation), and then it also acts as a highlighter after the foundation has been set.




As you can see from the swatch, it is super super glittery even after smoothing it out – I have to admit I don’t like having too much glitter in my make up products. That being said, my HG Shu Uemura Lightbulb Compact Powder is also pretty glittery, but it somehow does not make your face sparkle – in fact the finish is the right balance of glowy and matte which I love! I like that this highlighter requires only a tiny drop for maximum effect – totally worth the purchase. If there’s ONE product you need (besides foundation) for a super basic beach/ work/ hanging out look, it is the Glow Creator by Shu Uemura.

4 stars

Another product which was the centre of attraction was the ever popular Laque Supreme Lip Gloss (which is being demonstrated below). I will be doing a review on this product (along with other star Shu products) very soon – do keep a look out for it!



Here’s a picture with the boys – excuse my stone face, I had a super bad morning! All the best to all the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelors for their Finals at Tanjong Beach Club on the 21st of March! Also, it was fantastic to attend this event with my friend, June who is a kickass beauty blogger! Visit her site here.



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