Beauty BFF: Organic Coconut Oil

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I thought I was using the right coconut oil the past few years… but I was gravely wrong. The coconut oil you should be purchasing is the organic type which is white in colour and mainly solid when stored in air-con temperature. I couldn’t comprehend the rave about coconut oil when I was using the normal yellowish oily coconut oil – plainly because I didn’t notice any difference it was making to my skin. Once I purchased the right one a few weeks ago, I finally understood – organic coconut oil is my new beauty bff.

Although many bloggers advise to store it in a warm place so it isn’t solid during application, I prefer to store my organic coconut oil in the fridge as I love how the cold white solids melt from the heat of my face. It cools me down, removes my makeup effortlessly and moisturizes all at the very same time.

1. DIY Lip/Facial Scrub

It is important to scrub your lip 2-3 times a week to keep them looking pinkish and healthy. This scrub also works wonders for the face, but keep your facial scrubs less frequent as it may cause irritation if it is done too often.

  • Brown sugar (it is less coarse than the ordinary white sugar)
  • Freshly squeezed lemon
  • Organic coconut oil

*Change to quantity of the ingredients as you would prefer.

2. Natural makeup remover

This is literally the CHEAPEST and the BEST makeup remover ever. I love how it works even better than my most expensive removers from luxury brands. Rubbing the hard and cold oil in circular motions on your face and eye area will almost instantaneously remove your make up without drying your face. You will have to use your normal facial soap to remove the oil once you’re done. The results will be amazing…

To share my personal experience, I used to wake up every morning to extremely dry skin at my chin and mouth area. Once I replaced my standard makeup remover with organic coconut oil, my face is visibly supple in my morning. I. LOVE. IT. I guarantee you will have no regrets investing in the 15dollar tub (which I purchased from NTUC Finest, if you were wondering)

3. Dandruff solution

Massing this amazing oil in your scalp with a few teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon will give immense moisture to your dry scalp. After just one application, I noticed the results. As compared to other oils which are difficult to wash off, coconut oil washes off rather easily after a good shampoo massage.

4. Night skin moisturizer

Massaging some of this into your skin at night will produce amazing results after your morning shower. It works especially well on dry cuticles and dry feet. Try it to believe it!

All in all, your organic coconut oil purchase is bound to save you hundreds of dollars that you currently spend on beauty products. You just have to take that leap of faith and place a tub of organic coconut oil into your cart the next time you go grocery shopping!



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