Easy Ombre Lips: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

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This lippie is probably one of the best lipstick inventions yet. I first noticed ombre lips on korean actresses and never imagined that it would be so easy for me to achieve the same kind of effect on my lips too!

What you need to achieve pretty ombre lips

✰ the gradient effect needs to be subtle

✰ the colour combination has be be flattering when worn together

✰ application should be fuss free (i.e. I ain’t got no time for lip brushes!)


Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar achieves all of these 3 points effortlessly which was why I was probably one of the first customers in Singapore to purchase it once it was on the counter in the first week of March. I chose No. 10 Burgundy Love as it had the most alluring colour contrast: deep red with a pale soft baby pink.




✰ Always nude out your lips with a concealer for the ombre colour to reveal itself nicely

✰ Store your Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in the fridge (esp if the weather is hot) as it would glide easier on the lips when well solidified


Structure/ design of the lipstick

Because of how the dual lip coloured blocked have been to designed to sit on each other on a slanted gradient, you can achieve countless number of looks with just 1 lipstick. For example, you could choose to have the light pink on the inside and the deep red on the outer area of the lips or vice versa. You should also start the two ends of your lips in a different colour from the centre of your lips. Some instructions have been given on the back of the box (but its in Korean, as seen above). Personally, I prefer to have the darker colour on the inside area of my lips and the lighter pink on the outsides (as you will see below) The design of this lipstick is also such that a sliding button is at the side for easy application.

ombre lips prep

Applied concealer on my lips

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 1

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 2

Ombre lips in less than 10 seconds! My lips are darker on the inside and lighter on the outer areas. No filter has been used for these pictures.

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 3

Finished Look the ombre effect is nice and subtle, yet the colour on the lips stands out healthily. In love with this effect! My lips were also well hydrated throughout the day and the colour lasted until I had dinner.

I heard that there have been a few other brands manufacturing a duo tone lip colour thanks to the ombre obsession of late… Can’t wait to try them all!



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