Easter Edition

Beauty, Lookbook

Happy Easter, lovely folks!

Today’s post is going to be rather awkward for me – its my first lookbook post! I’m really an absolute newbie at this, especially because I’m not your typical fashionista. I would label myself as the unabashed sales rack shopper… tending to wear anything that I think looks good on me, and not what society/ magazines determines the trend to be.

So whilst other bloggers naturally choose picturesque views as their backdrops… I decided to carry out my first little amateurish photography session at the space where my potential future flat is gonna be built at! I’m guessing these pictures would mean the world to me and my partner if we really do end up living at the exact space. Hahaha.

I’m wearing a super sassy romper which is currently my favourite romper in my closest and my mandatory pop of colour, this time in pink.


tatum writes 1



Edgy Romper – Labellavita

Clutch – Klarra

Earrings – Lovisa

Pink Ballet Pumps – Pretty Fit

As you may have noticed, I’m a huge supporter of home grown brands. Singaporean labels have a distinct style that never fails to draw compliments when I’m overseas! *pride*

I had minimal make up on (3 minutes worth) thanks to a mad rush for Easter Mass… so I don’t think I’ll be touching on the make up bit in this post.



We had our teatime at PAUL for the first time – I must say the Lemon Meringue Tart and Honey Infused Coffee was amazing.. nothing short of delish!

Thanks for reading and hope you all had a great Easter weekend! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (which I recently made public) ❤



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