The Importance of Beauty Organization (and Feng Shui)

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Hello again, ladies!

Today I will be sharing tips on how to create your dream vanity space.

I bought myself a mirrored vanity table set for my birthday 2 years ago but I never quite understood the importance of a clean, attractive and ORGANIZED make up space until recently.

I have lost 3 shu uemura eye liners, 2 lipsticks, 2 blushers (and many more, but I can’t recall right now) over the last few months and year. I have learnt that a good make up space + make up bag is essential for a blooming vain pot like moi.

Today, I am proud to say that I have finally organized some of my products (not all as the drawers were unfortunately too shallow to fit most of my make up stuff).

 Fairy lights add an instant mode of appeal

♥ Use a white table cloth so that you can easily see when its stained, keeps everything clean if you have OCD like me

♥ Hang a few pictures on the mirror to make the vanity table more personalized

♥ Get a compact chair that can be pushed in to save space.. I’m using a sky blue ceramic stool (you can see it vaguely being reflect on the mirrored table drawer

♥ Personally, I’m quite a Feng Shui freak. Here’s some of what I believe (and what you will probably have read of if you are into Feng Shui too.)

1. Mirrors should never face your bed – i.e. your sleeping body should never be reflected on mirrors as it will cause bad dreams/ sleepless nights.

2. Sharp edges should not be near your head as it directs bad energy to you. My vanity table has really sharp edges because its mirrored and it is also directly next to my bed… So I have covered it with white soft table cloth to soften the edges.

3. Never sleep with a television facing your bed (especially if you are married/ living with your boyfriend) If you do have a television facing your bed currently, you can opt to cover the screen with a cloth to eliminate this problem easily.

♥ Get an acrylic make up storage box! I bought mine from MUJI. This idea was actually inspired by Westcoasthayley I love how everything can be seen since the box is transparent…just makes finding my products so easy. I usually waste at least 10 minutes looking for all stray products so this really solves the problem. Also, everything is protected from dust. The mistake I made was to buy a set of drawers which were too shallow to fit most of my products. 😦

tatum writes vanity table 8

tatum writes vanity table 7

tatum writes vanity table 1

tatum writes vanity table 2

tatum writes vanity table 3

tatum writes vanity table 4

tatum writes vanity table 5

tatum writes vanity table 6\

I’ve never had such an organized beauty table – this certainly marks a new level of progression. Hahaha.

I’m currently looking into a more rustic vanity table project using a large rattan suitcase.. will be sharing when I finally get it completed! This new idea is inspired from the below image (source: Pinterest).

tatum writes rustic vanity table idea pinterest



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