The Shu Guide: Shu Uemura Makeover Workshop

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I attended probably the most useful beauty workshop ever at the Shu Uemura counter at TANGS yesterday morning. This workshop was 2 hours long and I learnt so much about make up and Shu Uemura products that really made me fall in love with Shu even more… I even had some of my burning beauty questions answered by a professional. Whoopie!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 2

The CC (Complexion Control) under base is currently the newest product in Shu Uemura and highly raved by Shu fans the world over… will be sharing more on this product below.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 3My bestie with a bare face, waiting for her makeover to begin! Such excitement!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 5

I was introduced to the TSUYA skin range and for me, the eye cream (TSUYA Skin Youth Fusing Eye Concentrate) really stood out. It works beautifully as a eye primer and moisturizer which is really smoothing to the skin and has a natural scent. This product is definitely on my shopping list despite its rather hefty price tag (about SGD 70). I love how my beauty consultant tapped it gently on my lower eye area and my skin felt thoroughly refreshed.. it also doubled up as a fantastic eyeshadow primer on my eyelids (no concealer or any other product required!) My only problem is this is that I saw that the ingredients used are quite artificial. So probably sticking with my Khiel’s eye cream would be safer for a more regular usage.

The Depsea Facial Rosemary mist was another winner (blue bottle, pictured above). My skin felt instantly refreshed…the product as so mild yet it visibly brightened my face. Again, this product seems to artificial for my liking. It contains parabens which I personally try to avoid – especially in my skin care products.

While I am not an avid fan of the TSUYA Skin range, I am a 100% lover of Shu Uemura cosmetic range because of its high quality and suitability for sensitive skin.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 11

Decided to take a selfie with my super talented beauty coach, Mr Jhun Alcantra. My face was well cleansed and moisturized by the TSUYA Skin range.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 6

Here’s the real deal – Shu’s award winning make up products – eye lash curler (which I tried for the first time), glow creator, liquid lightbulb foundation, pearl highligher, bronzer, peach glow on blusher and some of the best quality eyeshadows in the industry. My kind of make up.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 8

First up, I tried the CC mousse in deep biege.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 9

This is the sponge that comes with a purchase of the CC mousse. Its designed for fuss-free application. According to the consultant, you should never use Shu’s mousse with your bare hands as the heat from your hands will diminish the full effect of the application and final result.

Personally, I prefer Shu’s older version of the Pore Eraser Mousse as I personally prefer the more satin effect of that one. This new CC edition basically does a great job at colour correcting – which is great – but somehow the earlier version of the pore eraser gives me a comparatively flawless look.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 12

After the CC mousse application, the glow creator was strategically applied on my t-zone. This is a liquid highlighter that made a hell lot of a difference.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 10

Next, the lightbulb foundation was applied using its own special sponge. I requested to use the liquid foundation as I am already using the lightbulb compact powder on a daily basis for the past year (its AMAZEBALLS). I was pleasantly surprised by the liquid version… totally not sticky like other brands. I am currently considering purchasing this liquid foundation once my compact powder runs out. The sponge plays a crucial part in a flawless application.. you’re able to squeeze the sponge lightly to dispense more foundation and the control that you have over it is just amazing. The small tip (as seen in the picture above) allows you to control the amount put on your face with one simple swipe.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 13

I was so immersed in learning eye make up techniques (which I’m a complete noob at) that I forgot to take any pictures. Anyhow, here are some crucial tips that he taught me for eye make up application:

It is not advised to put foundation/ concealer on your eyelids before putting on eyeshadow as it will result in creases and oily lids (ew). Using a moisturizing eye primer/ cream is sufficient.

Using a small eyeshadow application brush, always deposit the pigments first, followed by a swiping motion (for blending)

When drawing your eye brows, always draw short strands of hair on your eye brow, as if you are just adding more hair strands. This will make your brows look more natural – instead of you just colouring the whole thing like a colouring book.

Well this is embarrassing but I do not own any proper brushes. It is important to have to right equipment for flawless eye make up application. I am looking into purchasing a set of Zoeva brushes.

Shu Uemura has, hands down, the best matte lipsticks (Rouge Unlimited) I have ever tried. For my lips, he used a matte red and peach gloss (pictured above) to create a semi ombre effect.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 1 (2)

Here’s my final Everyday Day Shu Uemura look done by this fantastic man!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 15

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 2

The bestie went for a more bold and playful look with Shu’s colourful eyeliners.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 16 tatum writes shu uemura makeover 17 tatum writes shu uemura makeover 18

I went home with a beautiful limited edition Shu Uemura makeup pouch, Hard Formula brow pencil, my second Rouge Unlimited lipstick and a light peach powder highlighter Glow On (all complimentary with the workshop, also had a few other testers thrown in!)

The winning product from this makeover was the brow pencil (which I chose to bring home with me at the end) because it actually managed to make even my super bushy eyebrows look good! The Hard 9 colour was so natural and had an outstanding effect on me. The pencil is sharpened uniquely to resemble a Naginata (Japanese sword). Such a technique is to ensure smooth drawing and a less harsh looking result. For additional sharpening, you will need to get it done at any Shu counter with for no charge. This is my first brow pencil purchase ever because I never thought it was a necessary product to have – until now. You. Have. To. Try. It.

Wondering how I got to attend this workshop? As a TANGS card holder, Shu Uemura members get are offered packages occasionally. I’ve pulled in so many friends to be a TANGS member because it really helps you save with rebates and attractive packages. I’m not endorsed to say any of this – but hey, I believe in sharing good things!



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