Sunday Summer Dressdown

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It’s summer all year round here in Singapore. The past month has been hotter than usual… I’ve been toying with the idea of breaking an egg on the concrete floor outside just to see if it cooks because I really believe it would. Thank goodness its Sunday and I managed to get the day off from work (yes, I have to work through the weekends sometimes) so I could dress down in my favourite shorts!

Because I don’t want my arms to be more charred than they already are, I decided to throw on a chiffon long sleeve to basically shield my arms from the unforgiving sun. I’m happy with how the outfit turned out and I think I’m gonna be throwing on a long sleeve as outerwear more often! As for my legs – well I don’t have skinny model-like legs, but I really hate wearing long pants/maxi skirts because my legs just need to be able to breathe. I know, I’m weird.

Today was a fantastic Sunday. I woke up earlier than I usually would on my day off to spend an hour doing my first eye look with the Naked 2 palette. The boy was in an extra good mood so we had Mexican complete with heavenly lime margarita (so good to cool down in this weather) and sensational churros. I mean I really died and went to heaven when my teeth sank into the rich chocolatey, doughy and chewy texture of it. Ahhhh… The goodness of the simple (and fattening) things in life.

Grid chiffon long sleeve – Topshop

Black velvet high-waisted shorts – Topshop

Denim corset – Topshop

Tassle necklace – Quaint little shop in Bali

Sunnies – Roxy

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff



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