Two Eyeshadow Shades You’ll Ever Really Need

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When I was working in sales a few years ago, my favourite perk of the job was people watching. I would keenly observe the make-up, hair-do, clothes and accessories on almost every woman who walked into the shop.

One (very mundane and typical) afternoon at work, a very attractive 30- something year old lady walked in. ‘Attractive’ would definitely be an understatement. What she was, was alluring. She had dark olive coloured skin, shoulder length dark brown hair and a silhouette of the average woman – all of which was very ordinary. But there was something subtly captivating in the confident and graceful manner in which she walked, something mysterious yet simplistic in her eyes that was just plain beautiful. When she approached me, I realized that her eyeshadow was very simple and matte but blended to perfection and suited her skin tone perfectly. Just that simple makeup on her eyes made her facial features stand out so prettily which caught my attention from meters away.

Sigh. I cannot put into words what it was about her. She seemed a bit lonely? Upset? I’m naturally drawn to people who give off such vibes. I decided to bite the bullet and ask her what she was doing in a secluded furniture store at 3pm in the afternoon…didn’t she have to work? She told me that she was having a really rough day at work and so she decided to take the 2nd half of the day off. Apparently, she had been a stay home mum for 4 years taking care of her kids and since they were older, she got a job in the bank industry which she was having a hard time at. Her colleagues weren’t very nice and she wasn’t sure if she made a wise decision to go back to work – but at the same time, she needed to contribute to the family’s income because she didn’t want to be overly reliant on her husband’s salary. Wow, I didn’t realize that such a stunning woman would also be an overthinker like I was/am. I always thought it would be difficult to look beautiful when we have too many worries floating around in our brains. During the entire 20 minutes of our conversation, I was literally just admiring her face close up and prayed hard that she didn’t think I was lesbian.

Anyhoooooo, I told her I that I was obsessed with her eye make up and that I was so bad at make up I would never be able to ever achieve that kind of flawless look. She stared at me in bewilderment and said “Girl, go to MAC and get 2 eyeshadows – Espresso and Naked Lunch. That’s what I use everyday and its what I’m wearing now.”

Those were the first eyeshadows I purchased in my life and I still put them on my eyelids whenever I think of this lady.

It’s been a looooong time since I’ve reached out for these two little pots. I mean, I hardly ever use eyeshadow – primarily because I pretty much suck at it. But hey, this blog is supposed to be a learning platform for me so I thought why not share this story/look?

Mac Naked lunch and espresso eyeshadow 2

Mac Naked lunch and espresso eyeshadow 1

Mac Naked lunch and espresso eyeshadow 4

Mac Naked lunch and espresso eyeshadow 3

Naked Lunch on the right is a nude pinkish frost

Espresso on the left is a matte dark brown

So simple and classic, and reminds me of the most alluring woman I’ve ever met. I just love this look. As always, thanks for reading!

P.S. I know my forehead looks weird because I didn’t put more than a speck of foundation around that area. It’s so hot in Singapore so I’m trying to cut down usage of foundation to prevent my face from melting off. I have touched it up though to look less like an alien.



3 thoughts on “Two Eyeshadow Shades You’ll Ever Really Need

  1. What a lovely story! And equally lovely eyeshadow, pretty and subtle. Its hard to get the balance sometimes but you’ve nailed it!


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