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Slavery in Fashion


Would this report card based on fashion labels links to slavery make you think twice during your next shopping spree?

There are many people big on boycotting beauty brands that involve animal testing while others fervently condemn the consumption of shark’s fin soup (a traditional Chinese delicacy). Since young, my parents have always emphasized that while animal cruelty should be outrightly denounced, the well-being  of human beings should take priority following the idea that we should be able to treat our own kind well before we can learn to take care of other species. (I don’t know how this sounds to you, but it’s something that definitely makes sense to me)

I have little respect for businesses which exploit human beings to widen their profit margin. Slavery is especially predominant among women and children in developing nations as men are able to upgrade themselves comparatively faster in terms of academia or skills due to gender discrimination. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer and we are left in a never-ending cycle of a constant large disparity between the rich and the poor the world over.


It is appalling how many nations have yet to enforce laws to prevent such fashion labels from setting up factories on their land when they are well aware of the treatment that the workers are subjected to. Labels that are graded poorly go to the extent of severely underpaying workers who work in a poor working environment that has been referred to as ‘prisons‘ in many fashion slavery articles.

It is high time for us to patronize fashion companies that treat their workers with respect more. We should really give such companies the credit they deserve – in hope that one day, all companies would feel the moral incentive to treat their workers better because they know that this matters to their target consumers (i.e. us).

Our combined efforts as conscious shoppers would make the world a better place! 🙂


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