Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes, Finally! (& a quick Sleek Palette review)

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zoeva rose gold brush set sleek palette eyeshadow review tatum writes

Today I bring you both hits and misses with the ever sought-after Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes… and not very good news (in my opinion) about the Sleek Palette.

I received this Sleek Palette as a gift from a friend a few days ago. I have never heard of this brand because it doesn’t sell here in Singapore… so my natural reaction was to Google it (with super low expectations because well ya I’ve never heard of this brand before). I was truly (pleasantly) surprised when I saw soooo many positive reviews for the palette with hundreds of girls gushing over how affordable and good quality these eyeshadows are.

I decided to test drive my Zoeva brushes using this Sleek palette shadows.

sleek aqua eyeshadow palette review 1

sleek aqua eyeshadow palette review 2

First, a short overview of what I thought of the Sleek palette-

♥ Interesting and pretty colours

♥ Super cute and well, sleek packaging

♥ From what I hear, its below USD 10 which is uh, super cheap. There is literally nothing in Sephora that costs below 10 bucks here in Singapore.

✘ I didn’t think the colour pay off was fantastic. Had a hard time layering on the reddish pink eyeshadow repeatedly. I had to use some shadows from my Naked palette eventually. The countless positive reviews and how people are apparently purchasing every single one of these palettes bewilders me because I honestly felt that the pigmentation wasn’t great. But hey, like I said, its 10 bucks (or less) so for that price, I think the Sleek Palette is okay, but I would rather invest in better pigmented and quality ones.

✘ The magnet closing thing is pretty difficult to handle. I dropped the entire palette while trying to open it.

✘ The applicator serves little purpose, I used my own brushes instead

Now for a quick overview of the Zoeva Brushes-


They work like a dream. Soft, fluffy, did the job to perfection. There is really a huge difference using your fingers to blend your foundation and using an appropriate brush to do so.

HITS (from left of the below picture)

Powder Brush

I used this for my powder foundation from Shu Uemura and it picked up the powder so well and distributed it all over my face evenly. Its finish was so natural compared to when I use the sponge applicator. The brush was also so soft on my face, no scratchy feeling whatsoever. Definitely my favourite brush out of the lot.

Concealer Brush

I used this brush to spread my thick liquid concealer (YSL highlighter). It really also did an amazing job with a flawless finish. 

Angled Blush/Bronzer Brush

I love how this brush is angled so the blush that you put on helps to produce the kind of natural finish you’d want it to have. Many brands of brushes recently have this angled kinda technology but this is the first that I’ve tried and I think its pretty smart.

As you can tell from the picture below, the rose gold plate actually got worn off after my first use. I have NO IDEA how this happened. I only realized the next morning (I played the the Sleek palette at midnight) My heart broke into pieces when I noticed the terrible tarnish on all 3 of my favourite brushes. Nevertheless, I am so pleased with the actual effect of the brushes on my face that the tarnish doesn’t really matter. I might have to spray paint it or something to fix it.

Zoeva Rose Gold brushes review 1


✘ Wing Eyeliner Brush (pictured below)

It was way to soft to be a wing eyeliner brush. Application of eyeliner was too messy as the brush was too soft to be precise. I will not be using this brush again for eyeliner but maybe it could work for my brows? Not sure about that yet.

Zoeva Rose Gold brushes review 2



11 thoughts on “Zoeva Rose Gold Brushes, Finally! (& a quick Sleek Palette review)

  1. Oh no on the tarnish coming off the Zoeva brushes 😦 I would have been heart broken too. Are they not able to replace them? I would call and email but you probably did that 😦 xoxo Janet


  2. I love sleek palettes but I agree the pigmentation isn’t great although I love the look of the vibrant bright colours, I have wanted zoeva brushes for ages I hope you can sort the tarnishing out ❤ xxx


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