Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Review + LOTD

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Hi girls!

I’m sooooooo excited to share with my the favourite eyeshadow palette of the year (well at least thus far!). Let me begin by giving you a few reasons why this palette is so awesome :

It is currently completely sold out in a mega Sephora store near where I live

It is made of cocoa powder (AHHHHHHHHHHH WHAAAAATTTT WHAAAAT WHAAAAT) Seriously it smells so good you may try to eat it – but please don’t.

Free of parabens and sulphates

M bought this for me. This is the first thing that I’ve terrorized him for and he actually got for me. Like he literally went on his own into Sephora, and purchased it for me. The thought of it warms my heart because this man HATES Sephora. Whenever we walk pass it, he tugs my hand to ensure that I do not wander into it.

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review 1

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review 2

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review 3

The texture of these shadows is a good balance of satin-like and i would say… a little creamy. It blends like a dream and its beautiful to just touch with your bare fingers. Pigmentation is beyond amazing. I cannot even tell you. You have to touch and feel and look at it for yourself. This palette….I’m gonna say it…. I love this palette more than I love my Naked 2 palette. There I said it. I said it and I mean it. Here’s why- Naked 2 only has 2 matte shades and the rest are really really metallic-ish (12 shades in total in Naked 2). Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar has 7 beautiful mattes, 4 stunning glittery shadows and 5 metallic ones (16 in total). However, it also must be noted that Naked palette does come with an amazingly handy double sided eyeshadow brush whilst Too Faced does not come with any at all.

The reason why I chose the Semi Sweet version over the original Chocolate bar is because I find the shades in Semi Sweet is because I find the original shades very similar to the Naked 2 (darker and deeper shades) whereas the Semi Sweet has cooler shades which just compliments my tan skin tone so well. Its really so different from the regular shades you see around.

Here are a few of my favourite shades which I used for my LOTD:

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review blueberry swirl

Blueberry Swirl

Ok so I have read plenty of negative reviews on this shade saying that this is the most disappointing out of the 16 shades. I say bullshit. I love this shade. Its well pigmented, true to colour and the result is so stunning. I used this on my lower eyelid for my LOTD (pictured at the end of this post).

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review butter pecan

Butter Pecan

This is every tanned girl’s highlighter dream. It is the right amount of glowy and works so well with a bronzer too. I was pleasantly surprised and its probably going to be my go-to highlighter for a long time.

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review cocoa chili

Cocoa Chili

This shade is very similar to Busted in Naked 2 – except that I love this shade so much more. It has gold and RED (which for some reason looks green in this picture) sparkly glitter in it and its so subtle yet obvious all at the same time. HOW DO THEY DO IT?!!?? I’m in love.

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review peanut butter

Peanut Butter

I’d have a hard time choosing an absolute favourite shade in this palette. But if I HAD to, Peanut Butter would be it. I find this shade so unique.. I’ve never seen another eyeshadow with such a tone. It so blendable and so perfect for the crease or just all over the lid by itself. So easy to use, so stunning. I have run out of vocabulary to express the awesomeness of this palette, really.

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review pink sugar

Pink Sugar & Coconut Creme

This is the only shade that I’ve not used in my LOTD as pictured below. But I have decided to give special mention to this shade because I think its so misunderstood. Like Blueberry Swirl, many have reviewed that Pink Sugar sucks because it doesn’t show up on the eyelids. It does people, it does. What you have to do is use your finger to dap on the shadow and then press it on top of your lids. Its sheer perfection, I tell you. You will not regret putting this on top on your shadow for date night.

Coconut Creme is just above Pink Sugar and is perfect for the underbrow. Highly raved by many too.

Now…Heres my FOTD!

too faced semi sweet chocolate bar review ideas

Highlighter and eyes fully done with Semi Sweet alone.This is the first time in a long long long time that I have not had to reach out for my Naked 2 palette to finish the look. I have gotten feedback that my self picture quality sucks and I apologize for this. My point-and-shoot Canon camera takes horrible selfie pics (not made to take close ups, apparently) so I have been using my trusty iPhone camera. I promise I have a really good camera for such make up review shots on my shopping list and I can’t wait to improve in this aspect!

If you don’t already have this palette, do yourself a massive favour and GET IT. This palette has seriously given me something to look forward to everyday as I try to come up with different looks having chocolate on my eyes. I have dreamt of having chocolate on my face all my life. Ok before I tip over to exaggeration I think I’d better end here. As always, thanks for reading!



5 thoughts on “Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Review + LOTD

    1. You really do need this, I cant imagine what kind of awesome look you could do with this! the best thing about this palette is the cocoa powder really… hahaha. thanks for dropping by! x

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