Staycation at Studio M


tatumwrites staycation

Hello friends!

I feel 110% rejuvenated after a super short and refreshing break that I had at Studio M with my partner for our 2nd anniversary. Thought I’d share a few pictures from this awesome stay and all of the fun we had!


Packed some of my favourite make up necessities in my pretty new Shu Uemura make up pouch


As usual, I am never able to bring only 1 set of swim wear out so I brought 2 and chose the one that suited my mood better. Hahaha.

Bikini top (right) – Cotton On

Bikini bottom (right) – Eau Paix Vie

Bikini top (left) – Cotton On

Bikini bottom (left) – French Connection



The pool area isn’t huge like other luxury hotels, but i found it quaint and really peaceful especially since there were not many people at all (probably since it was a weekday)


Ok so I’m testing out a new photo editing software and I love how it makes the pictures glow. I really look Iike I’m glowing here and I love it!


M being his usual self…


& me being my usual self. No day is a happy day without chocolate.


It was so relaxing just sitting there doing nothing. That’s the whole point of going on a staycation (in my opinion, of course) – to do nothing and just lie still.

studio M singapore jacuzzi pool

I love how the jacuzzi just overlooks the busy street. I have a few embarrassing pictures of me waving to the random cars in my swimsuit and having a good laugh about it but they are obviously too retarded to share.

Studio M singapore pool


So we made such a horrendous mess in the room that I don’t quite have a presentable picture to share. But from the above picture where I’m receiving a smooch (hehe?), you can see that the room follows a loft design where the bed is on a upper deck whilst theres a couch and a super huge window thanks to the amazingly high ceiling on the lower deck. It really is an unconventional interior design concept for a hotel room – I believe its the only such one in Singapore? Well at least for such a price (about SG 250 a night), it definitely is an affordable option for such a stylish interior. The only annoying thing about the room was that the toilet was just tiny. No bathtub and tiny. I think this place would be close to perfect if this toilet constraint can be resolved!


Here’s a silhouette picture M took taking advantage of the beautiful huge window in the room. Such an artistic shot but its really just of me trying to whip my hair back and forth and failing miserably. I soon gave up and made my way to the swimming pool. Hahaha.

book cafe singapore

The next morning we decided to have brunch at a little book cafe named Book Cafe (I’d never have guessed that one). We had a beautiful brunch which surpassed my expectations in terms of ambiance and food quality. I loved that the cafe offers all kinds of international magazines and books to browse whilst having a meal or just coffee. There’s even quite a few giant sofas for customers to lounge on. Hands down one of the best cafe concepts I’ve seen.

Since this staycation was really to celebrate our 2nd year together, I thought I’d share a little tip/secret/advice (or two, yes make it two) from what I have learnt in our short 2 years together. It’s really simple – Laugh everything off! Especially if the problem isn’t really a problem – laugh at each other and with each other. I think its through laughter that we learn to forgive and grow as a couple. Oh, and… Pick. Your. Battles.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!



2 thoughts on “Staycation at Studio M

  1. Sounds like is was a great Staycation ❤ Congrats on 2 years and I couldn't agree more with your advice to laugh stuff off. Sometimes I get so mad but I know as soon as I glare at my husband we burst into giggles and talk about why something bothered me so much. Laughter is everything! xoxo Janet


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