Keeping it Classy with Levis

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Hola Chicas!

I just purchased this pair of beautifuuulllllll Levi’s jeans a few days back  so I thought why not share a few pictures?! I love pairing jeans with a simple tank top but I like to throw on a chiffon outerwear (usually with prints) just to add a touch of elegance to the outfit. I love chiffon throw overs/ kimonos as they can easily turn a super simple outfit into a glamourous one. So simple! Not the mention perfect for weather that is a daily average of 30 degrees C.

The main reason why I purchased this pair of jeans (my second Levi’s – I’m not much of a jeans girl to be very honest) was because I was thoroughly impressed by the good nature of the salesman in the Levi’s outlet. We actually walked into the shop to get my boyfriend’s belt (not Levi’s) punched with an additional hole, and the store in-charge said it was for free…just to be clear, NOTHING is free in Singapore. So naturally, this really impressed me and I wanted to give something back to this amazing man. So I browsed through the racks thinking about how I’m such a loser for only owning 1 pair of Levis and finally settled for this very dark grey colour with bluish undertones. It’s apparently a 4-way stretch which means that as I grow slimmer or wider, the material is able to shrink or expand accordingly – wowza. Anyway, hurray for great customer service!

Hope all of you have a great week ahead!

Tank top – Topshop

Chiffon throw over – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – Levi’s

Wedges – Charles and Keith

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10 thoughts on “Keeping it Classy with Levis

  1. Hey 🙂

    Such a lovely outfit! Casual and classy – I love it! The cardigan colour is so beautiful, as well – perfect for spring/summer.
    I’ve actually never owned a pair of Levi’s, as none of them fit… 😦 I can fit both of my legs in one ‘leg (part)’ – and that’s the smallest size they have! I’m just way too pettite, I guess.

    Lovely post! 🙂



    1. I actually do have the same problem! both my levis are the smallest size… i just try to maintain my waist at a certain measurement so I can fit in without it dropping off. hahaha thankfully I have a big butt. thanks for dropping by Dora! xx

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  2. I absolutely love Levi’s and the store where I live is always so nice, i think they fit perfectly and I only have shorts but definitely want a nice pair of jeans like this, love your peach kimono too very pretty xxx


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