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josie maran argan balm review

For Mother’s Day last weekend, I purchased Josie Maran’s Argan Balm for my mum who has super dry skin. I heard soooo many great reviews on how this is a miracle repair for dry skin. However, I decided to try it on my hair because the back of the tin says it can also be used to tame frizz and you must know that frizz is my number 1 beauty problem.




I love how the texture of this is really unique… a bit waxy a bit creamy and dissolves into a semi-liquid state when the heat of your hand goes to it. I found this texture really perfect for hair styling. The best part about this Argan Balm is that there are no preservatives added which is obviously always a great thing. What’s even better is the results…

josie maran argan balm before application

Here’s how my natural hair looks like. Frizzy and wavy and aplenty – which is why my boyfriend calls me a lion. Pardon my naked face and geeky spectacles, its my stay at home day today (ok thats a lie I have a meeting in the evening ARGH. but ya no make up till later.)

josie maran argan balm after application 2

Above is how my hair looked like after a pea sized amount was applied. Isn’t it just aaaah-mazing?!?? My hair became glossy, bouncy, the colour was so much more vibrant, and most importantly frizz was reduced by about 80% which is really a big deal. I loved that it didn’t weight my hair down either and had a light hold for hours.

I imagine myself using a lot of this present that I got my mum… Okay maybe I shouldn’t be a brat and just purchase another tub for myself but dammit its so expensive. I wish they would sell a smaller version of this (consequentially cheaper) because really a little bit of product goes a long way.

Although this post focuses on how well this product works on hair, it goes without saying how awesome the argan balm works on dry patches on the skin!

This is my first Josie Maran experience and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH AH MA GARD. ITS DEFINITELY A YAY FOR ME!




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