Frizz Party: Which Product Did I Return/ Keep?

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living proof nourishing styling cream vs alterna caviar cc cream review

It has been a real frizz parade here in Singapore (and I believe in many other parts of the world) where the humidity is just destroying our crowns of glory. Initially, I thought it was only me who was suffering from a recent epidemic of the Overwhelming Crazy Frizz (OVF) (…I just made that up). However, after paying close attention to other ladies on the street, I realized that most people have been facing the same problem as I have as the temperature and humidity levels soar. Let’s be honest – no one likes frizzy hair. Personally, I hate it because I have A LOT of hair so it being frizzy really makes me look like a lion.

So I have been experimenting with several frizz control products of late and have come across a certain disastrous product which I promptly returned within 24 hours. Not sure if you have made a correct guess already – but it was the Living Proof Nourishing Styling Cream that I returned.

Why did I purchase the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream?

I wanted a cream/ gel like product to tame my frizz so that my hair can have some kind of body to it without looking like a hot mess. This styling cream claimed to do this on the back of the bottle. (read below: Eliminate frizz by blocking humidity, smooth and condition without weighing hair down, repel dirt to keep hair cleaner, longer)


What did the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream really do to my hair?

✘ Frizz was down and the surface of my hair felt smooth for about 15 minutes. After that, the amount of frizz tripled to its original amount and my hair quality looked a lot worse than it actually is. It seemed like the humidity really got into it – and got into it really fast. This product certainly was not able to block humidity like it claimed it would, but really just aggravated the negative effects of humidity.

✘It made my hair feel slightly heavy and weighed down.

Overall Rating – 0 stars (this is probably the first time I’m giving any product 0.)

I just HAD to return this product because it did not do anything that it claimed it would. My hair was rough as if just put on some low quality wax and I felt so uncomfortable with it that I just had to wash it ASAP.

Another product that I picked up the Alterna Caviar CC Cream after reading many overwhelmingly positive reviews from YouTubers.

Why did I purchase the Alterna Caviar CC Cream?

I was looking for a leave in treatment to go with my amazing Moroccanoil Treatment (review here) just for some extra lovin’ for my stressed tresses.  The 10 claims from this product really did blow my mind especially since so many YouTubers say that most of these claims are actually valid.


What did the Alterna Caviar CC Cream really do to my hair?

When I put it while my hair is wet, I do feel that my hair is slightly less frizzy and definitely much softer to touch once it is dry. This is when I use this in combination with the Moroccanoil Treatment. The reason why the Alterna CC Cream cannot be used on it own (like many other leave-in hair conditioners) is because it containts alcohol that dries out your hair… So using such a cream with a heavily moisturizing product is essential to balance the oils.

When I put this cream onto my dry hair, it also does visibly reduce the frizz and my hair also immediately does feel softer to touch. My hair does not feel weighed down with this product.

HOWEVER, I’ve been using the Caviar CC Cream for about 2-3 weeks on a daily basis now and the improvement to my hair quality has not been massive. My frizz is still very much there… but I would say that this CC cream has probably helped in improving my hair’s texture by about 20% which is better than nothing.

Overall Rating – 3.5 stars

alterna caviar cc cream review

Overall, the winner is definitely Alterna. Great job Katie Holmes… and sorry Jennifer Aniston. I really wanted to like Living Proof but it just didn’t work with the humidity issue.

I really think that Alterna wasn’t able to impress me greatly either because of the alcohol ingredient in it. Many hair experts urge us to not use hair products with alcohol as it can dry out your hair, especially if your hair is already a dry type. Whilst you can balance this by using a second product which is oil based, it can be tedious. Nevertheless, I will be continuing to use my Alterna Caviar CC Cream together with my Moroccanoil leave-in Treatment as they seem to go well together.



4 thoughts on “Frizz Party: Which Product Did I Return/ Keep?

  1. Frizz is such a never ending battle and I wish there was a quick fix but this proves there isn’t 😦 I didn’t even know alcohol was in hair products, I am SO not in the know I will have to check ingredients now! xxx


    1. Alcohol is in most hair products and it really dries out the hair… That’s why we need to use oil serums! I’ll be sharing a few DIY intensive hair masks soon! Thanks for dropping by ❤


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