A Pretty Kind of Eccentric: Feather Fringe + Leopard Prints

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Hi there lovelies!

These days, the fashion police hardly exist. I mean, even severely clashing prints are a thing now! For today’s look, I thought I’d steer away from my standard dressing to try something a wee bit eccentric.

Since I had my funkiest shoes and skirt on, I kept my chiffon top simple and my accessories muted with no earrings or rings – just a thin Tiffany’s bracelet to add a touch of elegance. Truth be told, this skirt could really be versatile – e.g. worn for a dinner when paired with heels or wedges, but I chose a sports luxe look instead to match the summery weather.

On a side note, Victoria Beckham dropped by Sephora yesterday to promote her new (overly-priced) nail polishes (She was in town for Singapore Fashion Week). I saw pictures of her on Sephora SG’s instagram and was practically screeching. She really is the epitome of a style diva and definitely one of my key fashion inspirations. My dad actually got to meet both David and Victoria Beckham on his job last Saturday. How lucky!

Till next time, ladies!

Chiffon Reversible Top – Innit Bangkok

Fringed Mini Skirt – Mphosis



13 thoughts on “A Pretty Kind of Eccentric: Feather Fringe + Leopard Prints

  1. you’re so petite and cute :O The slip-on is nice (I love wearing slip-on) but as you said, I think the skirt should be paired with heels or wedges. Still, nice idea for sporty and comfy look!


  2. That skirt is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, can I like borrow it for a while?! haha! I love those shoes I have some similar but they don’t fit me but I just can’t bear to get rid of them!! xxx


    1. hahaha thanks… I would definitely lend them to you if we were living in the same country!!! these are my first pair of loafers…im not a loafer kinda girl but ya just trying to pull it off! I would def keep them even if they didnt fit me lol! thanks for dropping by! xx


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