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clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop tatum writes Hi girls! I’m back with THE product that I’ve been dying to get my hands on since I first saw it on an advertorial recently. It’s packaging is so pleasing to the eyes…a well embossed flower head for the blush product that comes in a range of promising colours. I’ve never ever tried Clinque’s make up range so writing up this review is really exciting for me!

I finally decided to purchase it at the Sephora sale after much contemplation because I was worried that its formula wouldn’t be as fantastic as its packaging. I’m glad to tell you this this is going to be a fantastic review because I really cannot think of any particularly bad thing to say about Clinique’s Cheek Pop.

♥ 01 Ginger pop is a colour you MUST GET if you have medium to tan skin… this is actually one of the best blush colours I currently own

the embossed flower goes right through the product – basically the flower will never disappear even if you dig your brush into the product 100 times. It only disappears when the product is finished but then again I’ve never quite finished using a blush

♥ the colour is extremely buildable which means that it could be really really light for a casual day out – or super heavy and bright for a girl’s night out. To me, this is a very appealing characteristic for a blush because other blushes such as NARS does not give you an option for a light and natural look.

as I’ve mentioned…THE PACKAGING…super light weight acrylic casing which shows off the beautiful flower emboss in it. It’s really an instant charmer and mood lifter – for me, at least. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…



clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop

I mean… YEAH… you would be insane if you don’t already wish to see this in your make up stash. Period.




    1. Thanks Krista! Oh man I’ve always had shorty brows… It just looks a bit better now because I’ve been using a new product which I will be sharing soon! Will definitely check your blog out! x


  1. I love these blushes! I have them in Ginger Pop and Plum Pop and they’re both so gorgeous! (I especially love Plum Pop for the wintertime when I want that, “My cheeks are just flushed from being out in the cold!” look.)


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