Review: The Body Shop New Vitamin C Range

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Body shop vitamin C face range review 1

Hi amigos!

In the past few months I’ve noticed that my skin (especially my face) has been looking really dull in colour and tired. This could be due to the fact that I’m aging (boohoohoo) or the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. Anyhow… 4 weeks ago, I was walking pass the Body Shop and there was a gigantic advertorial for their new vitamin C range – of which the star product is the Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin. I knew I had to give it (the entire range) a shot because lately, nothing really seems to brighten up my skin without the use of makeup.

I waited patiently for 4 weeks before writing up this review because I really wanted to give it a thorough and accurate evaluation. I shall begin this review with the star product.

☆ Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin

body shop vitaman c glow boosting moisturizer review


What I liked about it 

♥ Light weight, easily absorbed by the skin – hence suitable for both day and night usage

♥  Worked really well beneath my make up… it kept all my dry facial areas well moisturized throughout the day. I have not had dry patches on my face for almost 1 month (which really is a miracle) but I also credit my light weight josie maran argan oil for this.

♥ Did not break me out

♥ Refreshing citrus scent that does not smell artificial at all

♥ After regular usage for 3-4 weeks, I notice that my bare face is brighter in tone

What I didn’t like

✘ There’s no ingredients list. I have no idea if there is parabens in this but I choose to believe there isn’t because I would be so upset if it does.

☆ Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish

body shop facial cleansing polish review


What I liked about it 

♥ Refreshing citrus scent

♥ This is my only facial wash that can actually completely remove the coconut oil I use to remove my make up… with other facial washes, it takes me at least 2 full washes to get the coconut oil completely cleaned from my face

What I didn’t like

✘ If you look closely at the ingredients list as pictured above, you’ll notice theres sulphate in this product… its probably the work of the sulphate that does such a great job in cleaning out the coconut oil.. but this is a huge no-no for me. I only noticed this bad ingredient after I made my purchase. Will definitely not be purchasing this again solely because of this.

☆ Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

body shop vitamin C face scrub mircodermabrasion



What I liked about it 

♥ let’s start by saying I REALLY LOVE THIS. my face was instantly brightened up and baby bottom smooth after a light scrub. It’s weird that I didn’t expect much especially since I love body shop’s body scrubs so much.. obviously they would come up with awesome facial scrubs too!

♥ unlike other facial scrubs, this did not hurt my sensitive skin

♥ super affordable for what it is


I hadn’t anticipated to like this range as much as I do. I definitely recommend the glow boosting moisturizer and the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion for anyone who is currently facing dull skin problem. It really had worked for me very noticeably! Price wise, it is definitely wallet friendly. There is little reason for you not to give this Vitamin C range a fair shot!

As always, thanks for reading!



18 thoughts on “Review: The Body Shop New Vitamin C Range

  1. I used to use the microdermabrasion scrub years ago, I remember it working really well to reveal fresh and clearer skin I’m going to have to go back to the Body Shop and purchase some of this I think 🙂 x


    1. omg really? was it the vitamin C range too? The sales lady said this is supposed to be a new release in Singapore. But yes, the microdermabrasion scrub is soooo good!! x


      1. whaaaaat. see this is why Singapore is a horrible place to live in for beauty product lovers. even our too faced counter in sephora never has all the new products. boohoohoooo


  2. Really enjoyed reading this post. I’ve been using the Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser for around 6 weeks now and I love it, but definitely think I will try some more products from the range! xo


  3. Oooh I had no idea about this range – I’m really looking forward to trying it out! Thank you sooo much for sharing your thoughts, great post 🙂 Karen xo


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