Mac Wash and Dry Collection Review – Highlight, Eyeshadow + Lipstick

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MAC wash and dry morange creme lipstick highlight powder freshen up warm wash pearlfusion shadow review

Hi my lovelies!! If you’re looking for make up that will help you look fresh and as if you a 15 hour sleep, then you need to get your paws on MAC’s Wash and Dry Collection. I had been eyeing these precious collector’s items way before they hit stores in late May. It really was the brilliantly attractive packaging (read: shiny and ombre…Ooooo.) that instantly caught my attention. It was love at first sight when I saw MAC’s prelaunch advertorial for this range… I was creepily whispering to my computer screen “come to momma…” But as with many things in life, it sadly didn’t fall from the sky to my vanity table so I had to hunt the collection down. As expected, the Wash and Dry star products such as its highlight and face brushes were sold out at many MAC counters. Thankfully, I managed to purchase 3 of the best products (in my opinion) from this range.


Upon trying these products at the counter, I realized that they were more than just pretty packaging. These babies really make you look as if you just had a shower and got yourself towel dried – hence, its name. The colour selection is designed to give you a fresh glow that is really so different from the make up which I usually put on. It is a very nice change from my usual standardized make up and I’m really happy with the look that I put together with these three items.

MAC veluxe pearlfusion shadow in warm wash

☆ MAC Highlight Powder in Freshen Up 

I use this highlight as a blush by mixing the top two colours which gives your cheeks a subtle healthy glow. When you dip you brush into this, the brush will pick up some of the gold colours too which will naturally give you a highlight on top of the blush colour. There is a gold shimmer layered on top of the product, but this goes away after several uses to reveal less glitter and more sheen in the product – which is always lovely because I loooove sheen in my make up. Note that there is a huge difference between glitter and sheen – sheen is comparatively more natural in its finish.

MAC veluxe pearlfusion shadow in warm wash review

☆ MAC Pearlfusion Shadow in Warm Wash ☆

I had ZERO intention to purchase this… until I swatched it and was blown away. These shadows aren’t your average shiny eyeshadow quality from NAKED. They are really one level higher because their glitter isn’t exactly glitter… its more of a foiled eyeshadow with large visible foiled flakes when pressed on your lids. Stunning. Just stunning. I intend to use each of these colours individually on top of just one neutral base colour on the lids. For my FOTD pictured below, I used Too Faced’s Peanut Butter as my base and pressed on the darkest foil glitter (in the middle) from this little palette. Because of its texture, you don’t even need a brush for its application. So easy, so alluring. 

MAC amplified creme lipstick morange


☆ MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Morange ☆

This shade is available from MAC’s standard range. Except, of course, that this dressed in its limited edition packaging. I always wanted a orangey shade and this is my first lippie that is orange. So exciting! Luckily, I think I’m able to carry it off quite well so thats really a relief. I was initially worried that I’d look like a clown. I guess you never know until you actually try!



I cannot believe how alive these shades make me look. I mean I had an emo session last night when I was indulging my favourite girly past-time (read: over worry/think and cry myself to sleep for no apparent reason) and yet I managed to look this fresh with the help of this amazing collection. I am impresszzzed. Definitely one of the best MAC collections of all time, in my opinion…worth every penny!

mac wash and dry campaign



17 thoughts on “Mac Wash and Dry Collection Review – Highlight, Eyeshadow + Lipstick

    1. oh man i personally think my eyeliner skill is extremely amateur!!! it looks good when my eyes are opened, but when closed, it looks uneven. :S thanks for your unexpected compliment! hahaha. This range has packaging like no other… thanks for dropping by! xx

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  1. I’m not one to go crazy for Mac collections, but that lipstick is SO pretty! (Both the packaging and the shade!) Great overview! Thanks!


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