My favourite hair treatment everrr (that actually works)

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Hola amigos!

Oh my lawd I need to resume my Spanish class so I can learn a bit more than ‘amigos’ HAHAHA. I’m finally doing a review post on probably of one Singapore’s BEST salons ever. This salon is full of natural herbs and traditional beauty techniques that has been my go-to beauty parlour for the past 4 years. I mean I literally grew up with these beauticians by my side. I’m talking about Rupini’s.

& no, they have no idea that I’m even doing up this blog post… I just decided to do this review because the ingredients and techniques used  here are really gimmick-free and I strongly encourage girls (and guys and tourists even) to drop by.

Rupinis is best known for their eyebrow threading technique. Its super affordable at 7 bucks per session (I heard they will be charging 9 bucks now but hey its still cheaper and better than most brow bars). Threading is much more precise (than waxing) and comparatively less painful (than plucking). Since there are sooo many good reviews on Rupini’s eyebrow threading service available on the net, I decided to do a review on one of their other besttttt services – hair treatment.

rupinis oil treatment

Introducing my favourite hair mask in the entire worldddddddd… the Shirupini Hot Oil Head Massage (SGD 45). Shirupini is a patented hair care concoction of herbals oils that smells so good and works miracles. I’m very careful of the hair treatments I choose because ordinary treatments with chemicals in them tend to strip your hair’s natural oils. There is really nothing like a traditional herbal treatment to bring live to your hair, especially if your hair is dry and coarse like mine (Indian genes, I’m looking at you)


The first ingredient on the list is Chembaruthi oil which I googled and found it to be red hibiscus juice which promotes hair shine and growth. I also discovered that white pepper (you read that right) is great to kill bacteria on the scalp and promote shine too. Curry leaves is another interesting ingredient… obviously yummy to eat but for the hair it actually prevents premature aging and greying of hair due to its ability to strenghten hair follicles – who’d have known?!


After a bloody good scalp massage to get the oil well soaked into the hair strands and scalp, I had to sit under this satellite looking thingy for about 15-20 mins. Its basically a hot steamer to further ensure that my hair drinks up the herbal oils. I’m covering my face in this picture because I was falling asleep after that awesome head massage and my eyes were all droopy.

Behind me you can see 2 ladies who are getting their eyebrows done. No matter what time or day it is, there there is ALWAYS someone getting his/her eyebrows done. Of late, I’ve noticed quite a number of Chinese guys at Rupinis to get their eyebrows threaded too. That’s just out of this world because a) Rupinis is obviously based on Indian techniques b) boys in such a salon is indeed a rare sight. The very fact that most of Rupini’s customers come from all walks of life shows just how reliable their services are. 


After a crazily good shampoo scrub and conditioning and my hair was nicely blown dry and somewhat straight, I took a selfie with this beautiful lady who has been doing my hair for 4 years now – her name is Ah Wei and she has amazing beauty technique. I love how after 4 years we are almost friends!

rupinis singapore

Heres a shot of all the beauticians present that day. From left to right: Swapna, Shruti, Ah Wei and Kalleshwasi. Kalleshwasi did my oil treatment that particular day and despite her being a rather new addition to the Rupinis family, she is soooo well trained. It is clear that all of them take much pride in their work. With great quality products and excellent service, although I find their services on the pricey side, they are well worth it for a monthly or bi-weekly dose of pampering. My only disappointment is that they usually are so busy that they don’t dry your hair completely after the shampoo… but I guess that can’t be helped on busy days!

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been doing this head oil treatment/ massage for 4 years now. However, I stopped going for about a year last year because I was too busy and caught up with work. Now that I’ve been going back, my hair is very very much softer to touch and appears much healthier. I have considered purchasing the Shirupini oil which is also sold in a bottle (SGD 43-45) but the thing is that I know it works much better when it is professionally massaged and steamed. Still, I do plan to purchase a bottle soon, just because it really is that good. Yay to traditional Indian hair treatments – no wonder bollywood actresses always have such luscious hairrrrrr!

In my first 3 years of visiting this salon, I’d always go to the outlet at Little India because I love its traditional interior. When they closed for renovation for 6 months, I had to go to the Holland Village outlet instead (which is equally beautiful, just more modern in its design). Speaking of which, the renovation at the Little India outlet has been completed and they are having an opening launch this weekend. I believe they are re-naming this newly renovated branch as ‘Rupini’s Om‘. Can’t wait to see the new treatments they have prepared for us!



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    1. My hair is very much damaged and naturally very wavy. But yes this herbal concoction really beats any keratin Brazilian blowout or whatever. No gimmick. Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by Xx

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