Review: Sephora Instant Hydrogel Eye Mask

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sephora instant hydrogel eye mask depuffing moisturizing

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a star product from Sephora which is forever sold out at local Sephora stores. I had to walk in and out of Sephora for 6 weeks straight before they replenished their stocks for this particular mask. When I finally struck jackpot and saw this eye mask sitting on its shelf… there were only 6 left. Apparently they were grabbed by customers who purchased more than 10 at one go on the day the stocks came in.. WHUUUT.

Anyway, because it is 14 bucks (SGD) each, I didn’t want to be crazy and purchase it in bulk… so I just got 1. My dark circles are so embarrassing… NOTHING covers them up – not even layers of concealer. I was so excited to try it but waited for a morning that I was really looking like crap from insufficient sleep to finally put it to the test.

 instant hydrogel eye mask depuffing moisturizing 1

Here’s what the mask looks like after its peeled from the slip of plastic paper it is pasted on. Super glossy and sticky on this side so it sits well on your eye area.

I put it on when I woke up feeling exhausted and fell asleep with it… so I had it on for about 30-40 minutes in total.

What I liked about it

♥ It sat still on my eye area really nicely

Cooling sensation was relaxing (I kept it in the fridge for 10 minutes before usage)

♥ Eye area definitely felt moisturized after application

What I didn’t like

 ✘ Pricey given that is recommended for one time usage (though I def intend to use it at least 2 more times)

✘ For the first 15 minutes, my eye area was super tingly to the extent that it did feel a bit uncomfortable

✘ After removing the eye mask, my eye area looked the same as it was before.. actually it did look a bit darker than it was before. but this could well be because of the fact that I fell into a deep sleep after placing the mask on my face. Anyway, I definitely saw no improvement in the appearance of my dark circles.

Would I buy this again? If I were travelling and would be on a long flight, I would get this for mere relaxation purposes on the flight. Perhaps an occasional treat to refresh my eyes too.. but I wouldn’t bet it on to improve the appearance of my dark circles.



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