Review: Glamglow Youth Cleanse + Youth Mud Facial Mask (combi to dry skin)

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glam glow youth cleanser mud review

Hello lovelies!

I’m doing up this post with a beer in my hand which is definitely a first for someone who hates boyish drinks. Anyhow, it’s just my boyfriend’s leftover beer and tomorrow is my day off so I thought why not? Truth be told, it is kind of calming me down and getting me all sleepy for bed. Before I knock out thought, I’m gonna do a review on Glamglow’s Youth products which has been quite the talk of the town.

Glamglow Youthcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

glamglow youth cleanser

Okok I know that this looks like bird’s droppings but its just how the Youthcleanse product looks like. It’s a soft muddish formula that turns into soap form when it is mixed with water.

What I like about it

♥ Honestly, how it turns from mud to soap just thrills me and makes my day/night

♥ It definitely does leave your face feeling nothing short of squeaky clean

What I didn’t like

✘ When I used a toner after that, I realized that whilst my skin felt squeaky clean, it really wasn’t – the cotton pad was filthy with make up residue even after using this cleanser which claims to dissolve make up

✘ I definitely would not recommend anyone with dry skin to use this on a daily basis. After using it 3 nights in a row, my mouth area became very dry even though I havent seen dry patches on my face for more than a month now thanks to my HG light weight Josie Maran argan oil. Somehow, using this product made my dry patches re-appear which was a huge bummer. I’m using it every alternate day now and it works better this way


So yeah – I definitely do not recommend this product. Making my face feel so clean when it really isnt is super misleading and scary because if I didn’t follow up with a toner my pore would be so badly blocked. I don’t see myself re-purchasing this just to be amused by the mud-to-soap effect of it because this ain’t cheap.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

glamglow youth mud mask review dry skin

Left: Thin layer of muddy mask on. Right: Mask freshly washed off and whaddya know my face was actually glowing. I’m sold.

Ok so when I purchased the Youthcleanse, I got a little tube of the Youth Mud sample which was sufficient for about 3 applications. I have to say this Youthmud product impressed me a lot more than the Youthecleanse.

What I like about it

♥ My face brightened up after using this mask and stayed that way for days after that – this clearly shows that it did a great job at removing dead skin cells

♥ I did not break out

♥ Although I have read people saying that this dries out their skin, I find that using a very thin layer will not dry your skin out. Also, as long as your moisturize well after using this product, you’re definitely not going to experience any form of dryness

What I didn’t like

✘ This is so expensive its just not even funny


I’m gonna be dropping a million hints to my bf / bff/ parents that I need this for Christmas.

I hope this review helped you with your Glamglow decisions! I can’t wait for tomorrow because I’m gonna finally do another lookbook post very soon! Catch you girls very soon.



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