Nude Lips for Tan Skin

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nude lips for tan skin

Gooddddd Monday everyone!

I was tagged by the lovely Just Jay Beauty to do a post on a ‘My Lips but Better’ post just before I fell sick. Now that I’m all better, I’m excited to share with all of you how I create the perfect nude lip for myself.

Before I share with you my everyday nude lip trick, let’s take a moment to understand that nudes vary from person to person.

nude lip fail


Now, because we all have different skin tones and its rather rare to find someone with the exact skin tone as you, you really have to experiment around to find out what kind of lipstick combinations suit you the best.

Here are some of my favourite lip shades that I play around with on a daily basis to achieve a nude lip.



Left to right: MAC Matte Velvet Teddy / Dior Addict 330 Garconne / Dior Addict Lip Glow / Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited M CR 342 / Marc Jacobs Lovemarc 114 Understudy



Left to right: Colourpop Topanga (Satin) / Colourpop Brink (Matte) / MAC Lip Pencil Spice / MAC Lip Pencil Boldly Bare

Here are two of my techniques when it comes to achieving the “My Lips but Better” result

β™₯ Don’t be afraid to mix and blend 2 or even 3 different nude shades. Personally, I don’t fancy my lip to be too brown, so when I use a shade that is too much on the brown side, I will mix it with a different nude colour with a pink undertone. For example, I love mixing MAC’s Velvet Teddy with any neutral pinkish tone for a perfect nude.

β™₯ Always use a lip liner (of a slightly different colour than the lipstick you intend to put on) to better define your lips. I find this extra crucial for nude lip colours because if you just slap the nude colour on without any shape to it, it can look really flat.



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