Muted Florals & a Cute Little Red Bag

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Helloooooo my lovelies!

I’m finally doing my first lookbook post in almost 3 weeks! Today’s look is super laid back and comfy yet classy at the same time – a look that only a Miss Selfridge jumpsuit can pull off. I got this baby at almost 70% off at the Great Singapore Sale – how could I skip on such an amazing deal? Its material is thin enough to wear out on a summery hot day which is ideal for Singapore since well everyone knows is summer all year round here.

I really wanted to do a red lip, red bag and red heels matchy matchy kinda look today but my red heels broke 10 minutes after I put them on so I had no choice but to put on my white wedges instead. OH WELL! Thankfully, the white wedges don’t look that bad in this look. I decided to skip any neck accessories despite the super low neckline just to keep the outfit simpler.

You’d notice that there is zero editing done to any of the pictures… primarily because I just upgraded to a DSLR and I find that the picture quality is so good that editing just isn’t necessary. Props to my dad who was able to snap a few pictures despite it being his first time holding on to such a complex camera! Also, I don’t know why I look so sad in those pictures, that face just naturally comes to me when I feel tired and am just trying to act cool. Got to work on that face, really. Hahahahaha.

Ah ok also, I bet everyone is just like staring at how gross my roots look… I really wanted to grow out my roots for the first time in my life because I just refuse to put anymore dye in my hair. But looking at how terrible it is starting to look, I’m starting to reconsider. We’ll see!

Before I end this post, I’m going to blurt out something that I don’t reckon I should be saying… but I actually didn’t bother wearing a bra for this jumpsuit because I just didn’t feel like it. That’s a first for me. I don’t think anyone noticed so it’s all good. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It’s just one of those materials and cuttings that you can get away with the whole #braless thingy, ya know. Ok I’m kind of embarrassed just typing that but heck it’s funny so I’ll say it.

Jumpsuit – Miss Selfridge

Wedges – Charles & Keith

Bag – Bonia



23 thoughts on “Muted Florals & a Cute Little Red Bag

  1. Who needs red shoes anyhow?! Meh! And you rock those roots! I know how you feel, I’ve ignored mine for months, finally getting them sorted on Friday! Fantastic photos, fantastic look – love this post xx


    1. Hahahaha I know right red shoes are really weird to have because they rarely match anything! I just thought ok yay red bag so its time for my red heels to make an appearance…and that happens. hahaha. I have to get mine sorted ASAP too! thank you for dropping by! xx


  2. Love the outfit, look gorgeous, well done on your Dad, no way my Dad be able to even see what his doing let alone operate it and that’s with standard compact camera lol, so DSLR haha have more luck my dog taking a pic lol.


    1. Hahahahaha that really made me laugh! My dad is comfortable with my compact camera but the DSLR definitely threw him off a bit.. He had my head cut off in most of the pictures and really couldn’t understand the techniques to blur the background and stuff like that! Hahaha. Thanks for dropping by girl! x

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