Something Different: Neon Blue Eyeliner

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sephora rock in brazil blue eyeliner bleu black eyeliner noir review

Hi my beautiful ladies!

I have been cracking my head thinking about how to make this page more fun … so I thought, why not do a ‘Something Different‘ segment where I experiment with unusual make up ideas? The neon eyeliner has been somewhat on trend recently, but its no surprise that few girls have been willing to try it out – you can’t blame them because any eyeliner other than black or brown would just seem so wrong!

Recently, I purchased 3 different coloured (affordable) eyeliners to give this trend a shot. For today’s post, I will be featuring a neon light blue colour from Sephora – Sephora Rock’in Brazil Bleu Eyeliner.



The plastic was really annoying to I just let the stubborn bits in the middle stay on which is why the packaging looks  a bit messy. Oops. That aside, this little double sided pen was indeed quite a steal! I got it for 40% off at the Sephora sale which means that I paid about 6 bucks for it I think. I didn’t want to spend so much on a coloured liner on a brand such as Benefit because I don’t think I would wear such an outstanding colour on a regular basis… plus eyeliners tend to dry up quickly so splurging on a coloured liner just wouldn’t be ideal for me.  I’m glad I purchased this because the colour pay-off is amaaazzzingggg (as you can tell from the picture which is unedited) There’s a black eyeliner at the other end of the tube which just makes this product great value for money.

The brush is a teeny weeny bit tricky to use so I used a scotch tape to ensure my eyeliner didn’t go all over the place.  The primary thing to note when using such a striking eyeliner is to keep your eyeshadow and lip colour as neutral  as possible so that you don’t look like a walking Christmas tree – but hey, if Christmas trees are you thing, then you go do what you like! Thankfully, there are no rules when it comes to make up because a little make up remover solves everything!

Would you try out such a look? Or do you already have a favourite coloured eyeliner? Let me know!



12 thoughts on “Something Different: Neon Blue Eyeliner

  1. Okay that color is absolutely fabulous! I’m always afraid to try blues because I’m afraid it won’t stand out (many are navy). If I’m going to go bold, I’m going to go all out! This is too fun


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