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Hola chicas!

I’m as weak as a frail branch right now after about 3 days of fever. I’ve finally decided to go see a doctor this afternoon. Its weird because a week ago I already sick but I recovered for a few days and then I guess my illness came back with a vengeance of some sort! Anyhow, I have an hour to kill before I head to the doctor’s so I thought why not share my current Lush favourites!?

I’ve been a Lush fanatic for the longest time and many people know that ‘Angels On Bare Skin‘ is my cult favourite facial wash. I think I have mentioned this before on a previous skincare post. It is super expensive for a facial wash so I only purchase it when I’m feel that I deserve a pampering treat. Not gonna talk much about Angels On Bare Skin since I have talked about it before. Today, I’ll be sharing my ‘newer’ Lush obsessions.

Ocean Salt

AHHHHHHHHH I cannot possibly emphasize more how much you need this right now. Its a superb exfoliator and the best part (as with most other Lush products), its 100% natural if you get the self-preserving formula. The self-preserving formula is the one that I’m currently using and I prefer it over the regular formula because its less abrasive. It also smells like the ocean and brings me back to all my favourite oceans in the world that I’ve been to. (Great Ocean Road, I’m thinking of you. I’m coming back for you.) Oh and I forgot to add that there’s lime and vodka infused in this. Just sayin’.

Mask of Magnanimity

Guys, this is a freakin’ dupe of the freakin’ expensive Glamglow if you ask me! I’m obsessed with Glamglow youthmud treatment but it really bugs me that it is more than a 100 bucks for a small quantity! After trying Mask of Magnanimity, I have decided that this baby right here is not only cheaper, it smells better, and even leaves my skin more refreshed than Glamglow does. It also doesn’t strip too much of the natural oils on my skin which is great because I have really dry skin. It’s minty smell is just sooo pleasant and the cooling sensation it leaves on my face just makes me so happy. Most importantly, it also significantly reduces any dark spots you may have from previous pimple outbreaks! For a facial mask, I would say this is quite affordable. I’m more than happy to spend on such a product when it brings about so many benefits.

Honey, I Washed the Kids!

Best. Smelling. Body. Wash. Ever. Its primary ingredient is honey and you really can tell from its smell. Its like a bar of soap which I usually do not like, but apparently it lasts longer than regular liquid body wash. I have seriously been looking forward to bath time since I got this bar of gold. (pictured on the little pink floral dish) The best part of this body bath bar is that it actually really does leave your skin moisturized and supple, unlike regular body wash that rarely live up to their claims. Its buttery and smells like caramel and ahhhh just really a dream to wash yourself in. I have tried Lush Shampoo bars previously and been greatly disappointed, so I was a bit hesitant to purchase this body soap. I have to say Lush does better body soaps than hair soaps, hands down.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

lush yuzu and cocao bubble barOk, I’ve gotten a picture off google because I have used mine up already so it’s not in my picture. This bubble bar is the BOMB. I was contemplating between Sex Bomb and Space Girl and I’m so happy that I ended up purchasing this instead because it literally gave me the most amount of bubble I’ve ever experienced from a Lush bath bomb product. It also has a super refreshing scent and left my skin soft for days. I do still want to try Sex Bomb and Space Girl though! The only thing that’s keeping me from trying these 2 is the fact that they have tons of glitter in them and I don’t think I’d fancy the idea of having glitter stuck to body after a bath. So if you’re looking for a non-glittery and good Lush bath bomb with tons of bubbles, Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble bar is going to be your new bath BFF. You can thank me later.

No Drought

This is the first dry shampoo that I’ve tried in my life so I don’t think I can give a very accurate review. However, I can tell you that given that No Drought is much much much more natural than a spray dry shampoo bottle, this would definitely be a smarter option. It gives my 2nd or 3rd day hair clean texture without graying my roots out. Also, I love its citrus smell (though it doesn’t last for long). The only downside is that its basically a powder so it WILL get everywhere and it WILL frustrate you to some extent due to the wastage incurred.

Superbalm Scalp Treatment

I received a sample of this because I thought this was gonna be a gimmick. I mean I’ve tried SO MANY shampoos and oil treatments for my hair problem (because of my very dry skin, my scalp is also naturally very dry and it sometimes hurts) Its very easy to moisturize my skin, but its not easy to moisturize the scalp because its covered with my gazillion hair strands. This Superblam Treatment has actually really really calmed the painful areas of my scalp down. I KNOW for sure that I’m definitely gonna purchase the full sized product once my sample runs out.

Alrighty, I’m gonna stop here and drag my aching body to the doctor’s. I really hope to recover ASAP because I have an extremely exciting month coming up and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!



15 thoughts on “Current Lush Favourites

    1. Hi Zoya, the superbalm is pretty new to me too. It does a great job at calming the scalp and reduces itchiness very significantly. You definitely should try a sample size first if you’re skeptical! x

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  1. If you have issues with your scalp you should definitely try Trichomania solid shampoo from Lush! It’s specifically designed to moisturise and help your scalp. Nice post by the way, I haven’t tried a few of these so I think a trip is due in the next few days! X


    1. ahhh I have to try this Trichomania solid shampoo then! I have tried another solid shampoo from Lush thats apparently meant for the scalp too but it dried my hair out so badly and I hated it! Can’t wait to get my hands on Trichomania! thanks for the suggestion! x

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