3 YSL Lip Products Totally Worth Trying

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I’m so excited to be back with a beauty post featuring my top makeup brand ever – Yves Saint Laurent Beaute. I love that YSL never shortchanges on quality of the product itself and elegance in its packaging. Whilst I do love their regular lipsticks, I don’t find them different compared to lipsticks from other brands. What does appeal to me, however, is YSL’s unique range of lip products other than its regular classic lippies. Here are 3 YSL lip products I recommend trying if you have not already!

Volupte Tint-In-Oil (No. 5)

Volupte Tint-In-Oil review no 5

Volupte Tint-In-Oil review shade 5

This oil based lip product is YSL’s latest addition in their range of lip products. Shade is the deepest colour they have and in my opinion, it has the most colour pay-off. The rest of the shades are more of a transparent gloss. I apologize for my uneven skin tone in the pictures above because I had no make up on my face yet (I was too lazy to put on powder/ foundation).

Beautiful colour that adjusts itself based on your skintone comes through after you allow the product to settle on your lips for a few minutes

Gloss shine holds on well for more than 2 hours until you drink/ eat something (Intense shine starts to wear off after an hour, but gloss will remain)

♥ Even after the gloss completely wears off after about 4 hours, your lips will be left with a pretty stain

♥ Highly moisturizing – this product leaves your lips supple even after washing. It seems to have the effect of a lip treatment.

♥ Similar to all lip applicators YSL lip products come with, the applicator makes application so very easy. No need for any lip liner whatsoever.

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres (Shade 12)

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres review 12

Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres shade 12 YSL review

This lip gloss comes with higher colour pay off as compared to the lip tint. It is slightly less glossy though. I find that this lip gloss does not stay on as well as the lip tint.. this product does leave a pretty stain but it’s completely gone from your lips under 4 hours. I’m not complaining though because reapplication is no hassle.

♥ Gloss holds on for about an hour, coloured stain lasts for 4 hours max

♥ Lightweight, yet the colour is opaque

♥ It has a right balance of gloss and colour and can be worn with a bare face…just for the purpose to introducing some colour to your face on a lazy day at work

YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush (Shade 11)

YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush 11 review

YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush cheeks 11 review

I had been wanting to try this product for agessssss. I bought this as presents for so many people but never got down to purchasing one for myself! A dual lip and cheek product is no novelty, but YSL’s take on it definitely stands out when compared to other brands. YSL comes with a unique selection of colours and the quality of the stains definitely come across superior to other brands.

♥ Super blendable, making it a dream to use as a blush. You could easily use your fingers or a brush to blend it out. A little goes a long way.

♥ The texture of this thing is divine. It goes on your lips like butter.

♥ Upon application of lips, it does have a tiny bit of shine but it dries to become completely matte after about 30 mins. Colour stays on for hours and hours. This baby could be on your lips for more than 6 hours if you aren’t eating like a barbarian.

When you use this product on both your lips and your cheeks, the colour coordination makes your makeup appear to be really put together even if you spent less than 5 minutes dolling up. E.g. from my selfie above, it really looks like I spent an entire afternoon getting my facecake on –  but if you look closer, I have no mascara on, no eyeshadow on, and not even foundation on. All I used was this YSL Kiss and Blush product, concealer and an eyeliner – Just three products to look like you’re ready for a date with the man of your dreams. 

So, okay, let’s get real. YSL beaute products are really really pricey. If there was one product out of these 3 products that I think you should get ASAP, it would be the Volupte Tint-In-Oil. I feel that it is the most innovative product out of the lot and it will definitely wow you once you try it on.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you!

Note: Make up selfies taken with iPhone 5s front camera, no picture edits.



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