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Hello my lovelies!

Now Givenchy is not the first cosmetic brand that comes to mind when I think of high-end makeup… this is probably because I don’t really see Givenchy cosmetics advertorials as much as we see other high-end brands being advertised. Due to this lack of media presence, I have completely neglected trying out ANY of the Givenchy makeup products… until now, of course.

What made me go on a Givenchy haul was a crazy warehouse sale last weekend that I only got to know of thanks to an Instagram post that I chanced upon on my friend’s feed. Everything at this sale event was going for between 10-30 bucks!! That is like almost 60-70% off its original prices. I purchased many many items to add to my Christmas presents list but today, I will only be reviewing 4 main items which I was most excited to try out. Here are the glamorously packaged 4 items –

givenchy powder foundation lipliner cream eyeshadow cosmetics review 1

From left: Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation No.3, Givenchy Lip Liner No. 10 Rose, Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 in Perfect Gold, Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in No. 6 Kaki Brocat 

  1. Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 in Perfect Gold

I have tried MANY liquid foundations this year and this is currently ranked number 2 in my HG book (after Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, of course)

♥ Has SPF which is great because I never bother with sunblock, ever.

♥ Super matte finish which many girls would like

♥ Stays matte all freakin’ day (up to 10 hours, tried and tested)

♥ Super lightweight and no sticky feel on the face

✘ One layer provides rather poor coverage (This was quite a big issue for me – my forehead is naturally darker than the rest of my face, so when I applied 1 layer, it just couldn’t give my face that even toned look. I don’t like using more than 1 layer so I just left it that way and applied more powder to the forehead area.)

✘ Its matte formula can give a rather dull finish if you don’t complement the makeup with a blush/ bronzer/ highligher

2. Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation No.3

This is the only Givenchy cosmetic product that I have actually known of prior to the sale… I’ve seen countless youtubers rave about this product but never got down to swatching because its just too darn expensive for a looser powder.

♥ Finely milled, resulting in air-brush finish

♥ Colour corrects and brightens thanks to 4 different tones of pigments provided in the box

♥ Helps to keep makeup completely matte in T-Zone area

✘ Creates a huge mess when trying to get the powder out

✘ Tendency to wash colour off your face if you apply too much

givenchy loose powder lip liner review

Here’s a picture of the foundation, powder and lip liner applied. The matte finish of the foundation combined with the added matte effect from the powder produces a very flat appearance on the skin. 

3. Givenchy Lip Liner No. 10 Rose

I have no expectations for Givenchy’s lip liners because I have always only trusted MAC’s lip liners… and boy did Givenchy completely blow me away with the creaminess of their lip liners. Step aside, MAC.

♥ So creamy, you could apply it on its own as a lipstick

♥ Does its job of keeping your lipstick on for almost 5-6 hours

♥ Really good option to overdraw your lips because of its soft and highly pigmented formula

✘ It does fade away quite a bit after a huge meal

4. Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in No. 6 Kaki Brocat 

This cream eyeshadow was another product that pleasantly surprised me especially because the only cream eyeshadow I have good things to say about is ColourPop’s cream shadows. To be fair, you cant really compare the both because of the massive price difference (one pot of Givenchy is almost 5 times the price of Colourpop’s)

♥ In my humble opinion, this formula fares better than Colourpop’s – it is not as soft as Colourpop’s texture which allows for the pigments to stay on your lids for longer

♥ This olive green colour that I used is just phenomenal – beautiful colour which I have yet to see bring produced in other brands

I have nothing bad to say about the eyeshadow cream other than well obviously it is definitely pricey for a single shadow.


Here’s how the eyeshadow looks like up-close. I used Too Faced’s peanut butter shade on my crease and a random shimmer shade on the inner corners. The olive cream eyeshadow was really easy to blend! I was baking my undereye area with powder when I took this picture, hence the visible powder patch, lol.


Finished look: Added bronzer on my cheeks to bring some life to the skin and applied MAC’s Velvet Teddy on top of the lip liner. You can tell that my forehead is still darker than the rest of my face… ugh so annoying!

Ok guys – that’s all for my post on this Givenchy review! Thanks for dropping by and remember to stop by a Givenchy counter to give the brand a chance the next time you find yourself wandering into a Sephora!



6 thoughts on “Review: Givenchy Cosmetics

  1. great reviews! I have never tried a single Givenchy product – but I should! 😉
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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