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Hello there, lovers!

…My name is Tatum (as you may have figured) but you can call me Angela if you can’t bring yourself to pronounce ‘Tatum’. Its actually much simpler to articulate than you think – try “tay-tum“. I also happen to share this name with a certain famous hottie which is why I have had many concerned friends telling me that naming this blog ✎ ‘tatumwrites’ will probably not be search engine friendly. However, I’m not daunted as I don’t see this blog as a platform for senseless blogger fame. I’m just really thrilled to have a convenient avenue to satisfy my writing lust!

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Why blog?

I’ve been writing on a freelance basis for women’s magazines and online portals for a couple of years now and I thought hey why not set up a blog to share more of what I have to offer? Also, I am currently in the process of learning how to take quality pictures and I can’t wait to get my hands on a good camera to complement my articles/reviews!


What’s your background?

I think I’m rather interesting – and many people whom I meet concur. 😛 On a racial level I’m mixed with Indian, Portuguese and Spanish heritage.. which makes me stick out very much as a minority since I’m born and raised in Singapore. I’m probably a racial minority in any country actually. I am able to speak and write in English, Chinese (my second language growing up) and a little Spanish. Other than that, I’m pretty ordinary, working to pay the bills and blah blah.


What is this blog about?

I have a two-point focus for this blog: Beauty and Wellness. Both of which are huge umbrella terms which covers many other subsets of discussion… so I would like to see this blog as a modern woman’s fun and informational read – especially when it comes to beauty concerns and healthy living/ exercise done the fun way. I’m no make up or health-junkie pro, but I hope to share this journey of never-ending discovery with like-minded people!


Anything else about you?

I graduated with a degree in Political Science from NUS 3 years ago and I have been accumulating all kinds of professional experience since then. Currently, my job encompasses community relations which I love and intend to stay in for a long time coming.

I spend A LOT of money on clothes and make up. In fact, almost all of the stuff I feature are things that I have personally purchased simply because I like them, wanted to try them, and wanted to share my review on the products. I don’t like compelling myself to say good things about products I’m endorsing so you can expect absolute honesty in my reviews. I’ll be sharing a lot especially on my favourite make up brands such as YSL, Shu Uemura, Benefit, Lush, and as you would be able to tell soon enough, the list WILL go on.

Although I’m a huge beauty junkie, I hardly put on make up at all. My face is only well dolled up probably 1or 2 times a week. This is because I like to let my skin breathe (also because I can be rather lazy on working days). I don’t believe in make up which has too much chemicals in it – I’m very very careful of what I put on my skin and always opt for the comparatively ‘organic’ option as far as possible.


Making Contact with Tatum
Tatum Writes.

♥ Follow me on my personal Instagram account (recently made public) for my daily pictorial musings.

✉ Email me at tatumangelabeins@gmail.com


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