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clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop tatum writes Hi girls! I’m back with THE product that I’ve been dying to get my hands on since I first saw it on an advertorial recently. It’s packaging is so pleasing to the eyes…a well embossed flower head for the blush product that comes in a range of promising colours. I’ve never ever tried Clinque’s make up range so writing up this review is really exciting for me!

I finally decided to purchase it at the Sephora sale after much contemplation because I was worried that its formula wouldn’t be as fantastic as its packaging. I’m glad to tell you this this is going to be a fantastic review because I really cannot think of any particularly bad thing to say about Clinique’s Cheek Pop.

♥ 01 Ginger pop is a colour you MUST GET if you have medium to tan skin… this is actually one of the best blush colours I currently own

the embossed flower goes right through the product – basically the flower will never disappear even if you dig your brush into the product 100 times. It only disappears when the product is finished but then again I’ve never quite finished using a blush

♥ the colour is extremely buildable which means that it could be really really light for a casual day out – or super heavy and bright for a girl’s night out. To me, this is a very appealing characteristic for a blush because other blushes such as NARS does not give you an option for a light and natural look.

as I’ve mentioned…THE PACKAGING…super light weight acrylic casing which shows off the beautiful flower emboss in it. It’s really an instant charmer and mood lifter – for me, at least. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…



clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop

I mean… YEAH… you would be insane if you don’t already wish to see this in your make up stash. Period.



Easy Ombre Lips: Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar

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This lippie is probably one of the best lipstick inventions yet. I first noticed ombre lips on korean actresses and never imagined that it would be so easy for me to achieve the same kind of effect on my lips too!

What you need to achieve pretty ombre lips

✰ the gradient effect needs to be subtle

✰ the colour combination has be be flattering when worn together

✰ application should be fuss free (i.e. I ain’t got no time for lip brushes!)


Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar achieves all of these 3 points effortlessly which was why I was probably one of the first customers in Singapore to purchase it once it was on the counter in the first week of March. I chose No. 10 Burgundy Love as it had the most alluring colour contrast: deep red with a pale soft baby pink.




✰ Always nude out your lips with a concealer for the ombre colour to reveal itself nicely

✰ Store your Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar in the fridge (esp if the weather is hot) as it would glide easier on the lips when well solidified


Structure/ design of the lipstick

Because of how the dual lip coloured blocked have been to designed to sit on each other on a slanted gradient, you can achieve countless number of looks with just 1 lipstick. For example, you could choose to have the light pink on the inside and the deep red on the outer area of the lips or vice versa. You should also start the two ends of your lips in a different colour from the centre of your lips. Some instructions have been given on the back of the box (but its in Korean, as seen above). Personally, I prefer to have the darker colour on the inside area of my lips and the lighter pink on the outsides (as you will see below) The design of this lipstick is also such that a sliding button is at the side for easy application.

ombre lips prep

Applied concealer on my lips

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 1

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 2

Ombre lips in less than 10 seconds! My lips are darker on the inside and lighter on the outer areas. No filter has been used for these pictures.

ombre lips laneige duo tone lip bar review 3

Finished Look the ombre effect is nice and subtle, yet the colour on the lips stands out healthily. In love with this effect! My lips were also well hydrated throughout the day and the colour lasted until I had dinner.

I heard that there have been a few other brands manufacturing a duo tone lip colour thanks to the ombre obsession of late… Can’t wait to try them all!


Cat’s in the Cradle!

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I was at at the National Museum of Singapore yesterday evening and there was a weekend market (known as ‘Public Garden) going on – YAY! There were about 20 pop up stores selling mostly handcrafted items – which is always a joy to look through! Although there were many handmade jewelry stalls, not many caught my attention thanks to my overly sensitive skin which forbids me from wearing any piece of jewelry that is not made of hypoallergic material. I stopped at only one particular handcrafted jewelry stall due to its astonishingly adorable (not to mention – unique!) little pieces of art… catribal4 catribal5 These babies aren’t just beautifully crafted for mere eye candy – they are actually EARRINGS. The mechanics of this earring follows that of ‘Miss En Dior‘ Pearl Tribal Earrings where the earring is rather chunky so half of the rests on the front lobe while the rest of it remains at the back of the lobe. Quite a clever use of inspiration, if you ask me! The little kitty really looks as if its having an afternoon siesta right on (or rather, through) your ear lobe! I’m not exactly a cat person, but I especially love trinkets that symbolize good luck and prosperity – so the little Chinese fortune cat was definitely my favourite and I just had to purchase it. It was a huge relieve when the nice lady at the stall told me that the stud of the earrings is entirely made up of silver and titanium which is completely nickel-free and manufactured to suit the needs of allergic skin. There was definitely zero reason for me not to get it.


(Comes with a matching ear stud for the other ear lobe which is hand painted with related pictorials!)



Although its slightly on the pricier side (ranging from SGD 46.90 to 61.90), if you appreciate the beauty of meticulously hand crafted items or if you’re a cat lover or if the thought of adopting a little kitty to accompany you through the day appeals to you – then you need to visit  It is also a great bonus that the entire earring is made up of quality materials which ensures its durability. In light of Valentine’s day approaching, there is a 14% off for any 2 pairs of earrings purchased. If you plan to start of with 1 pair to add some fun to your CNY outfit, the lovely folks at Catribal are offering you a 10% off your purchase with the discount quote ‘tatumwritesXcatribal

Instagram: @catribal

**Catribal ships WORLDWIDE. Discount code is applicable for international buyers.