Christmas Shopping Settled Thanks to

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Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while but I’m back with a super lovely gift box from I cannot put to words the joy of receiving a big pink parcel which unwraps to a Christmas edition box.


I hardly ever purchase Korean products in Singapore stores because it’s just too stinking expensive. The prices in Singapore are really inflated in comparison to what the products sell for in Korea. When I was in South Korea a few years back, I bought heaps of skincare which I really enjoyed using but never re-purchased them locally. I would get friends and family who travel there to buy products for me but I would be really embarrassed to ask for so much because you know I have like a really really long list of what I need from there.

In comes – the ultimate Korean beauty shopping gamechanger.

I was beyond delighted when the kind folks from Althea gave me 60 credits in total to spend on what I liked on the site. By the way, anyone who signs up instantly get 10 credits (equivalent to SG10). Here’s the thing – everything on the site is significantly cheaper than whats sold in local Korean products outlets. By “significantly”, I’m talking a good 20% to 50% cheaper. These are products flown directly from Korea – authenticity naturally guaranteed, no bullshit involved. While the prices are guaranteed much lower than the prices in Singapore, from what I gather, it is not cheaper than the going-rate in Korea. But that’s fine by me.

Did I mention there’s free shipping when you spend SGD50 and above? That’s just mad. FYI, they are not paying me to write this post. I’m just really mindblown at this point. I have already told my good friends about this site and they are all equally as intrigued as I am.

Oh, this month, all your purchases will come in a super cute Christmas edition box which looks simply spectacular underneath your tree – perfect gift for your Korean beauty-obsessed girlfriends.


Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. Whilst there are indeed many many wonderful things about this site, I find 2 minor downsides:

a) It took slightly less than 2 weeks for the package to reach me (I guess because its flown from Korea)

b) The product variety is great but not exactly huge. (e.g. I was praying Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara by Too Cool For School would be available on the site – but to my disappointment, it wasn’t.)

These 2 issues aren’t that bad though. Considering the fantastic price tags, I’m happy to wait a little longer for the parcel to reach me. Also, it is worth noting that the product selection will be widen as the site grows. I’m currently in full anticipation mode for more products to be made available on the site. All in all, I am one very satisfied beauty junkie.

Just in case you’d be interested, here are the fabulous goodies that I chose for my giftbox.


I had previously purchased the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask  and the Innisfree Wine Peeling Softener during my Korea trip years back and I remember loving these products to death. They really do what they claim to do. Its amazing how Korean skincare products are so much more affordable than Western equivalents but work so much better. Not to mention, these products have a high level of natural ingredients. I’m most excited about the Innisfree Volcanic Clay Mask because I’ve never tried it before but have heard so many great things about it.

That’s all for today – hope you guys love this site as much as I do!



Current Lush Favourites

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Lush favourites 2015

Hola chicas!

I’m as weak as a frail branch right now after about 3 days of fever. I’ve finally decided to go see a doctor this afternoon. Its weird because a week ago I already sick but I recovered for a few days and then I guess my illness came back with a vengeance of some sort! Anyhow, I have an hour to kill before I head to the doctor’s so I thought why not share my current Lush favourites!?

I’ve been a Lush fanatic for the longest time and many people know that ‘Angels On Bare Skin‘ is my cult favourite facial wash. I think I have mentioned this before on a previous skincare post. It is super expensive for a facial wash so I only purchase it when I’m feel that I deserve a pampering treat. Not gonna talk much about Angels On Bare Skin since I have talked about it before. Today, I’ll be sharing my ‘newer’ Lush obsessions.

Ocean Salt

AHHHHHHHHH I cannot possibly emphasize more how much you need this right now. Its a superb exfoliator and the best part (as with most other Lush products), its 100% natural if you get the self-preserving formula. The self-preserving formula is the one that I’m currently using and I prefer it over the regular formula because its less abrasive. It also smells like the ocean and brings me back to all my favourite oceans in the world that I’ve been to. (Great Ocean Road, I’m thinking of you. I’m coming back for you.) Oh and I forgot to add that there’s lime and vodka infused in this. Just sayin’.

Mask of Magnanimity

Guys, this is a freakin’ dupe of the freakin’ expensive Glamglow if you ask me! I’m obsessed with Glamglow youthmud treatment but it really bugs me that it is more than a 100 bucks for a small quantity! After trying Mask of Magnanimity, I have decided that this baby right here is not only cheaper, it smells better, and even leaves my skin more refreshed than Glamglow does. It also doesn’t strip too much of the natural oils on my skin which is great because I have really dry skin. It’s minty smell is just sooo pleasant and the cooling sensation it leaves on my face just makes me so happy. Most importantly, it also significantly reduces any dark spots you may have from previous pimple outbreaks! For a facial mask, I would say this is quite affordable. I’m more than happy to spend on such a product when it brings about so many benefits.

Honey, I Washed the Kids!

Best. Smelling. Body. Wash. Ever. Its primary ingredient is honey and you really can tell from its smell. Its like a bar of soap which I usually do not like, but apparently it lasts longer than regular liquid body wash. I have seriously been looking forward to bath time since I got this bar of gold. (pictured on the little pink floral dish) The best part of this body bath bar is that it actually really does leave your skin moisturized and supple, unlike regular body wash that rarely live up to their claims. Its buttery and smells like caramel and ahhhh just really a dream to wash yourself in. I have tried Lush Shampoo bars previously and been greatly disappointed, so I was a bit hesitant to purchase this body soap. I have to say Lush does better body soaps than hair soaps, hands down.

Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble Bar

lush yuzu and cocao bubble barOk, I’ve gotten a picture off google because I have used mine up already so it’s not in my picture. This bubble bar is the BOMB. I was contemplating between Sex Bomb and Space Girl and I’m so happy that I ended up purchasing this instead because it literally gave me the most amount of bubble I’ve ever experienced from a Lush bath bomb product. It also has a super refreshing scent and left my skin soft for days. I do still want to try Sex Bomb and Space Girl though! The only thing that’s keeping me from trying these 2 is the fact that they have tons of glitter in them and I don’t think I’d fancy the idea of having glitter stuck to body after a bath. So if you’re looking for a non-glittery and good Lush bath bomb with tons of bubbles, Yuzu and Cocoa Bubble bar is going to be your new bath BFF. You can thank me later.

No Drought

This is the first dry shampoo that I’ve tried in my life so I don’t think I can give a very accurate review. However, I can tell you that given that No Drought is much much much more natural than a spray dry shampoo bottle, this would definitely be a smarter option. It gives my 2nd or 3rd day hair clean texture without graying my roots out. Also, I love its citrus smell (though it doesn’t last for long). The only downside is that its basically a powder so it WILL get everywhere and it WILL frustrate you to some extent due to the wastage incurred.

Superbalm Scalp Treatment

I received a sample of this because I thought this was gonna be a gimmick. I mean I’ve tried SO MANY shampoos and oil treatments for my hair problem (because of my very dry skin, my scalp is also naturally very dry and it sometimes hurts) Its very easy to moisturize my skin, but its not easy to moisturize the scalp because its covered with my gazillion hair strands. This Superblam Treatment has actually really really calmed the painful areas of my scalp down. I KNOW for sure that I’m definitely gonna purchase the full sized product once my sample runs out.

Alrighty, I’m gonna stop here and drag my aching body to the doctor’s. I really hope to recover ASAP because I have an extremely exciting month coming up and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!


3 Must Have Skincare Products: Dry to Combi Skin Type

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caudlie moisturizing toner garnier express 2 in 1 eye make up remover angels on bare skin review

Hi chicas!

I told myself that when I reach 300 followers, I’d share 3 of my bestest best best best skincare must have products for dry to combi skin types – hence, today’s blog post. These 3 products are of my personal holy grail status and I definitely recommend them to girls who have the same skin type as me. I tend to be rather dry and patchy at my mouth area and a tiny weeny bit oily at the rest of my T-zone area. Before I go any further, please note that none of these products are sponsored – i.e. these are genuinely my HG products.

STEP 1: Remove your make-up (if you have any on)


Prior to using this, I was always relying on raw organic coconut oil to remove my make up. The coconut oil was great – except that removing it completely was so difficult that it clogged my pores a bit. I finally found a make up remover gentle enough to not sting me in the eye,yet strong enough to get rid of even my most stubborn mascara (without resulting in the loss of any of my precious lashes). The Garnier Express 2-in-1 Eye Make-up Remover removes most (not all) of my make up and I find that it does a better job than even my Lancome make-up remover because it really does remove make-up at a faster speed. You must understand that the possibility of ever finding a make-up remover that would completely remove every single trace of grime is close to zero – unless you intend to use half a bottle of remover. If not, then continue with steps 2 and 3.

STEP 2: Try to use a cleanser with less chemicals


If you don’t want to further dry your skin out, using a cleanser with less chemicals is always recommended. I have been using Angels on Bare Skin by LUSH for close to 4 years now. This cleanser is hands-down the best cleanser I’ve tried in my life. It doesn’t break me out, smells like a dream, applies like a dream, washes off like a dream. It has a Christmas edition of itself (with cranberries added in its formula) called something something Noel which I love so much too.



About 3 months ago, I finally began using a toner because I found one that is suitable for my hyper-sensitive skin type. Previously, I have tried many brands but all of them either broke me out or left a burning sensation on my skin. The results with this baby has been amazing. My skin is not as dull as it used to be and I have experienced far less breakouts than I had before. This is ALL thanks to the Caudalie Moisturizing Toner that is formulated for hypo-allergic skin. I use this twice a day, after cleansing in the morning and after cleansing at night. This toner is so very gentle on the skin and does the final work of cleansing for your face that your facial wash may not have accomplished. To be honest, I always find residue on my face even after using a make up remover and using a facial foam and I only realized this when I started using this ahhhhhhmazing toner – which you NEED TO BUY PRONTO. I keep telling this to almost every girl I meet.

That’s all for this post, thanks for reading and an especially huge thank you to my current 300 followers who have been religiously supporting me and my little posts – you girls really do make my day!

P.S. Pardon any grammar or spelling errors – I’m thoroughly exhausted from work right now!


Review: Glamglow Youth Cleanse + Youth Mud Facial Mask (combi to dry skin)

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glam glow youth cleanser mud review

Hello lovelies!

I’m doing up this post with a beer in my hand which is definitely a first for someone who hates boyish drinks. Anyhow, it’s just my boyfriend’s leftover beer and tomorrow is my day off so I thought why not? Truth be told, it is kind of calming me down and getting me all sleepy for bed. Before I knock out thought, I’m gonna do a review on Glamglow’s Youth products which has been quite the talk of the town.

Glamglow Youthcleanse Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

glamglow youth cleanser

Okok I know that this looks like bird’s droppings but its just how the Youthcleanse product looks like. It’s a soft muddish formula that turns into soap form when it is mixed with water.

What I like about it

♥ Honestly, how it turns from mud to soap just thrills me and makes my day/night

♥ It definitely does leave your face feeling nothing short of squeaky clean

What I didn’t like

✘ When I used a toner after that, I realized that whilst my skin felt squeaky clean, it really wasn’t – the cotton pad was filthy with make up residue even after using this cleanser which claims to dissolve make up

✘ I definitely would not recommend anyone with dry skin to use this on a daily basis. After using it 3 nights in a row, my mouth area became very dry even though I havent seen dry patches on my face for more than a month now thanks to my HG light weight Josie Maran argan oil. Somehow, using this product made my dry patches re-appear which was a huge bummer. I’m using it every alternate day now and it works better this way


So yeah – I definitely do not recommend this product. Making my face feel so clean when it really isnt is super misleading and scary because if I didn’t follow up with a toner my pore would be so badly blocked. I don’t see myself re-purchasing this just to be amused by the mud-to-soap effect of it because this ain’t cheap.

Glamglow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment

glamglow youth mud mask review dry skin

Left: Thin layer of muddy mask on. Right: Mask freshly washed off and whaddya know my face was actually glowing. I’m sold.

Ok so when I purchased the Youthcleanse, I got a little tube of the Youth Mud sample which was sufficient for about 3 applications. I have to say this Youthmud product impressed me a lot more than the Youthecleanse.

What I like about it

♥ My face brightened up after using this mask and stayed that way for days after that – this clearly shows that it did a great job at removing dead skin cells

♥ I did not break out

♥ Although I have read people saying that this dries out their skin, I find that using a very thin layer will not dry your skin out. Also, as long as your moisturize well after using this product, you’re definitely not going to experience any form of dryness

What I didn’t like

✘ This is so expensive its just not even funny


I’m gonna be dropping a million hints to my bf / bff/ parents that I need this for Christmas.

I hope this review helped you with your Glamglow decisions! I can’t wait for tomorrow because I’m gonna finally do another lookbook post very soon! Catch you girls very soon.


Review: Sephora Instant Hydrogel Eye Mask

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sephora instant hydrogel eye mask depuffing moisturizing

Hello everyone!

Today I’m reviewing a star product from Sephora which is forever sold out at local Sephora stores. I had to walk in and out of Sephora for 6 weeks straight before they replenished their stocks for this particular mask. When I finally struck jackpot and saw this eye mask sitting on its shelf… there were only 6 left. Apparently they were grabbed by customers who purchased more than 10 at one go on the day the stocks came in.. WHUUUT.

Anyway, because it is 14 bucks (SGD) each, I didn’t want to be crazy and purchase it in bulk… so I just got 1. My dark circles are so embarrassing… NOTHING covers them up – not even layers of concealer. I was so excited to try it but waited for a morning that I was really looking like crap from insufficient sleep to finally put it to the test.

 instant hydrogel eye mask depuffing moisturizing 1

Here’s what the mask looks like after its peeled from the slip of plastic paper it is pasted on. Super glossy and sticky on this side so it sits well on your eye area.

I put it on when I woke up feeling exhausted and fell asleep with it… so I had it on for about 30-40 minutes in total.

What I liked about it

♥ It sat still on my eye area really nicely

Cooling sensation was relaxing (I kept it in the fridge for 10 minutes before usage)

♥ Eye area definitely felt moisturized after application

What I didn’t like

 ✘ Pricey given that is recommended for one time usage (though I def intend to use it at least 2 more times)

✘ For the first 15 minutes, my eye area was super tingly to the extent that it did feel a bit uncomfortable

✘ After removing the eye mask, my eye area looked the same as it was before.. actually it did look a bit darker than it was before. but this could well be because of the fact that I fell into a deep sleep after placing the mask on my face. Anyway, I definitely saw no improvement in the appearance of my dark circles.

Would I buy this again? If I were travelling and would be on a long flight, I would get this for mere relaxation purposes on the flight. Perhaps an occasional treat to refresh my eyes too.. but I wouldn’t bet it on to improve the appearance of my dark circles.


Review: The Body Shop New Vitamin C Range

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Body shop vitamin C face range review 1

Hi amigos!

In the past few months I’ve noticed that my skin (especially my face) has been looking really dull in colour and tired. This could be due to the fact that I’m aging (boohoohoo) or the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. Anyhow… 4 weeks ago, I was walking pass the Body Shop and there was a gigantic advertorial for their new vitamin C range – of which the star product is the Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin. I knew I had to give it (the entire range) a shot because lately, nothing really seems to brighten up my skin without the use of makeup.

I waited patiently for 4 weeks before writing up this review because I really wanted to give it a thorough and accurate evaluation. I shall begin this review with the star product.

☆ Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin

body shop vitaman c glow boosting moisturizer review


What I liked about it 

♥ Light weight, easily absorbed by the skin – hence suitable for both day and night usage

♥  Worked really well beneath my make up… it kept all my dry facial areas well moisturized throughout the day. I have not had dry patches on my face for almost 1 month (which really is a miracle) but I also credit my light weight josie maran argan oil for this.

♥ Did not break me out

♥ Refreshing citrus scent that does not smell artificial at all

♥ After regular usage for 3-4 weeks, I notice that my bare face is brighter in tone

What I didn’t like

✘ There’s no ingredients list. I have no idea if there is parabens in this but I choose to believe there isn’t because I would be so upset if it does.

☆ Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish

body shop facial cleansing polish review


What I liked about it 

♥ Refreshing citrus scent

♥ This is my only facial wash that can actually completely remove the coconut oil I use to remove my make up… with other facial washes, it takes me at least 2 full washes to get the coconut oil completely cleaned from my face

What I didn’t like

✘ If you look closely at the ingredients list as pictured above, you’ll notice theres sulphate in this product… its probably the work of the sulphate that does such a great job in cleaning out the coconut oil.. but this is a huge no-no for me. I only noticed this bad ingredient after I made my purchase. Will definitely not be purchasing this again solely because of this.

☆ Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

body shop vitamin C face scrub mircodermabrasion



What I liked about it 

♥ let’s start by saying I REALLY LOVE THIS. my face was instantly brightened up and baby bottom smooth after a light scrub. It’s weird that I didn’t expect much especially since I love body shop’s body scrubs so much.. obviously they would come up with awesome facial scrubs too!

♥ unlike other facial scrubs, this did not hurt my sensitive skin

♥ super affordable for what it is


I hadn’t anticipated to like this range as much as I do. I definitely recommend the glow boosting moisturizer and the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion for anyone who is currently facing dull skin problem. It really had worked for me very noticeably! Price wise, it is definitely wallet friendly. There is little reason for you not to give this Vitamin C range a fair shot!

As always, thanks for reading!


Empties Post #1

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Hey ladies!

I’m super exhausted from work so I have been procrastinating this post for such a long time now. It’s my first empties post! I love reading other bloggers’ empties posts because that’s how I find out what the classics are in the beauty scene. Here goes my input!

1. They’re Real! Macara by Benefit

benefit they're real mascara review

I didn’t like this at all. I used it maybe about 5 times in total and it didn’t wow me so I left it aside and after 1 or 2 months it was just toooo dry to be used. I don’t its clumpy formula and how it doesn’t seem to separate my lashes to define them well. It’s also a pain to wash off. I just have so many other better mascaras and for its heavy price tag, I can confidently tell you that this is my worst mascara purchase ever.

Repurchase? Hell to the no.

2. YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch

YSL touche eclat Radiant Touch concealer review

This is my third tube because I bought it in a set of 3. I like this a lot because I think it does a decent job at both concealing and highlighting. I wish I didn’t purchase the darkest shade though because I think I should have gotten 1 shade down for it to be a better highlighter. I love how easy it is to use with a button on the top of it and the little brush applicator. It’s just mess free and does the job well. Only downside is that it doesn’t conceal dark circles completely but that’s okay because I adore a slightly imperfect look.

Repurchase? Yes, but in a lighter shade and not now because I have other concealers and highlights so yup maybe a couple of months down the road.

3. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander by Shiesedo

Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander review

I got this as a free gift from a blogger event and well it just wasn’t my thaaang. I mean, the formula is decent but a little too wet for my liking. It does what it claims – my lashes are definitely visibly much longer with this…but the problem is my natural lashes are already very long so this mascara just makes it freakishly long which I don’t like. I prefer volumizing mascaras. Also, I did not fancy its mascara wand because it looks like a comb? Its like a plastic little comb. So weird – its impossible to achieve volume with a flat plastic comb.

Repurchase? Not for me. But I do recommend it if you wish to lengthen your lashes.

4. Miss Dior Eau de Parfum

Miss Dior Eau De Parfum Review

My boyfriend got this for my birthday two years ago and I cherished it so much that I only used it for important occasions… that’s how it lasted for two years. I like its scent but I definitely prefer Chanel’s Mademoiselle to this. I only tried Mademoiselle once at my sister’s place and I fell in love with it instantaneously. I feel like Mademoiselle has this unforgettable lovely scent while Miss Dior is more of just a pleasant smell with little magic (when compared to its rival).

Repurchase? I never spend more than a 100 bucks on a perfume for myself. These kind of luxury perfumes are always gifts and well I’m hoping to receive Mademoiselle one day soon! I am definitely keeping the Miss Dior empty perfume bottle forever though because its too gorgeous.

5. Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Butter

OH MY GARD I LOVE THIS BODY BUTTER SO MUCH ITS NUTS. This is the best body butter I’ve had from Body Shop. I got it as a Vanilla Brulee set from my bestie for my birthday – comes with the lip gloss and body shop too. Its smell is divine… like creme brulee really. I love slathering on every night before I sleep – it just makes me happy and well moisturized. Usually I get really upset with Body Shop butters because its smell can be overwhelming to the extent that I get a headache. But with this particular Vanilla Brulee edition, I find its scent just a right balance of soothing and fresh.

Repurchase? Definitely. Sadly, its a limited edition so I’m not sure when its gonna be selling again. I can’t wait to try the lip gloss that comes with it too!

6. Shu Uemura Oil Cleansers

shu uemura anti oxi skin refining anti dullness cleansing oil review shu uemura skin purifier whitefficient cleansing oil review

I have 2 bottles that I switch up whenever I feel like it. One’s an anti-dullness effect and the other one is supposed to be of a whitening effect…but I cant really tell the difference in results when I use either. I guess the whitening doesn’t hurt my eyes as badly as the anti-dullness one. I used to be crazy over these oil cleansers due to the crazy hype surrounding them. However, since I discovered how magically well extra virgin coconut oil removes my makeup, I find that the Shu Uemura Oil Cleanser really pales in comparison.

Repurchase? Maybe… I do feel that coconut oil does a slightly better job and is a cheaper alternative. At the same time, I feel the Shu Uemura cleanser does a faster job than coconut oil cause it takes me a long long time to get coconut oil completely off my face.

7. Bobbi Brown Long Wearing Gel Eyeliner in Black

Bobbi Brown Long wearing Gel eyeliner review

I love this. I used to wear it almost every day or every other day until it completely dried out even though I have 40% of product left in its little glass pot. This product is hella expensive and having so much dried product is really a huge disappointment. It does a lovely job at giving me long wearing perfect simple eyeliner looks though. I used to just put this one as a fuss free and 10 seconds eye enhancer and just some light powder and walk out the door. You do need a really good eyeliner brush to give you the right kind of look though.

Repurchase? I’m currently trying out a few other eyeliners…it they don’t do as a good job, yes, I probably would have to repurchase.

8. Shu Uemura Point Cealer Concealer

shu uemura point cealer concealer review

Someone recommended this to me and it didn’t disappoint. It does cover blemishes beautifully and its not obvious at all that theres any concealer on. The magic probably lies in its creamy formula as compared to other concealers that tend to be more liquidy than creamy. The only issue is that the product given is soooo little. If you use it on a daily basis it would probably be out in 1 month. It is way overpriced for the amount given.

Repurchase? I’m trying out other drugstore concealers which work great too and I don’t think this Shu Uemura product is worth the splurge anymore. I’m going to try NARS concealer soon and if its better than this I’ll definitely be making a quick switch.

Hope this post was provided you ladies with sufficient information for your make up research! As always, thanks for reading!



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josie maran argan balm review

For Mother’s Day last weekend, I purchased Josie Maran’s Argan Balm for my mum who has super dry skin. I heard soooo many great reviews on how this is a miracle repair for dry skin. However, I decided to try it on my hair because the back of the tin says it can also be used to tame frizz and you must know that frizz is my number 1 beauty problem.




I love how the texture of this is really unique… a bit waxy a bit creamy and dissolves into a semi-liquid state when the heat of your hand goes to it. I found this texture really perfect for hair styling. The best part about this Argan Balm is that there are no preservatives added which is obviously always a great thing. What’s even better is the results…

josie maran argan balm before application

Here’s how my natural hair looks like. Frizzy and wavy and aplenty – which is why my boyfriend calls me a lion. Pardon my naked face and geeky spectacles, its my stay at home day today (ok thats a lie I have a meeting in the evening ARGH. but ya no make up till later.)

josie maran argan balm after application 2

Above is how my hair looked like after a pea sized amount was applied. Isn’t it just aaaah-mazing?!?? My hair became glossy, bouncy, the colour was so much more vibrant, and most importantly frizz was reduced by about 80% which is really a big deal. I loved that it didn’t weight my hair down either and had a light hold for hours.

I imagine myself using a lot of this present that I got my mum… Okay maybe I shouldn’t be a brat and just purchase another tub for myself but dammit its so expensive. I wish they would sell a smaller version of this (consequentially cheaper) because really a little bit of product goes a long way.

Although this post focuses on how well this product works on hair, it goes without saying how awesome the argan balm works on dry patches on the skin!

This is my first Josie Maran experience and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH AH MA GARD. ITS DEFINITELY A YAY FOR ME!


The Shu Guide: Shu Uemura Makeover Workshop

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I attended probably the most useful beauty workshop ever at the Shu Uemura counter at TANGS yesterday morning. This workshop was 2 hours long and I learnt so much about make up and Shu Uemura products that really made me fall in love with Shu even more… I even had some of my burning beauty questions answered by a professional. Whoopie!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 2

The CC (Complexion Control) under base is currently the newest product in Shu Uemura and highly raved by Shu fans the world over… will be sharing more on this product below.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 3My bestie with a bare face, waiting for her makeover to begin! Such excitement!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 5

I was introduced to the TSUYA skin range and for me, the eye cream (TSUYA Skin Youth Fusing Eye Concentrate) really stood out. It works beautifully as a eye primer and moisturizer which is really smoothing to the skin and has a natural scent. This product is definitely on my shopping list despite its rather hefty price tag (about SGD 70). I love how my beauty consultant tapped it gently on my lower eye area and my skin felt thoroughly refreshed.. it also doubled up as a fantastic eyeshadow primer on my eyelids (no concealer or any other product required!) My only problem is this is that I saw that the ingredients used are quite artificial. So probably sticking with my Khiel’s eye cream would be safer for a more regular usage.

The Depsea Facial Rosemary mist was another winner (blue bottle, pictured above). My skin felt instantly refreshed…the product as so mild yet it visibly brightened my face. Again, this product seems to artificial for my liking. It contains parabens which I personally try to avoid – especially in my skin care products.

While I am not an avid fan of the TSUYA Skin range, I am a 100% lover of Shu Uemura cosmetic range because of its high quality and suitability for sensitive skin.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 11

Decided to take a selfie with my super talented beauty coach, Mr Jhun Alcantra. My face was well cleansed and moisturized by the TSUYA Skin range.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 6

Here’s the real deal – Shu’s award winning make up products – eye lash curler (which I tried for the first time), glow creator, liquid lightbulb foundation, pearl highligher, bronzer, peach glow on blusher and some of the best quality eyeshadows in the industry. My kind of make up.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 8

First up, I tried the CC mousse in deep biege.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 9

This is the sponge that comes with a purchase of the CC mousse. Its designed for fuss-free application. According to the consultant, you should never use Shu’s mousse with your bare hands as the heat from your hands will diminish the full effect of the application and final result.

Personally, I prefer Shu’s older version of the Pore Eraser Mousse as I personally prefer the more satin effect of that one. This new CC edition basically does a great job at colour correcting – which is great – but somehow the earlier version of the pore eraser gives me a comparatively flawless look.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 12

After the CC mousse application, the glow creator was strategically applied on my t-zone. This is a liquid highlighter that made a hell lot of a difference.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 10

Next, the lightbulb foundation was applied using its own special sponge. I requested to use the liquid foundation as I am already using the lightbulb compact powder on a daily basis for the past year (its AMAZEBALLS). I was pleasantly surprised by the liquid version… totally not sticky like other brands. I am currently considering purchasing this liquid foundation once my compact powder runs out. The sponge plays a crucial part in a flawless application.. you’re able to squeeze the sponge lightly to dispense more foundation and the control that you have over it is just amazing. The small tip (as seen in the picture above) allows you to control the amount put on your face with one simple swipe.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 13

I was so immersed in learning eye make up techniques (which I’m a complete noob at) that I forgot to take any pictures. Anyhow, here are some crucial tips that he taught me for eye make up application:

It is not advised to put foundation/ concealer on your eyelids before putting on eyeshadow as it will result in creases and oily lids (ew). Using a moisturizing eye primer/ cream is sufficient.

Using a small eyeshadow application brush, always deposit the pigments first, followed by a swiping motion (for blending)

When drawing your eye brows, always draw short strands of hair on your eye brow, as if you are just adding more hair strands. This will make your brows look more natural – instead of you just colouring the whole thing like a colouring book.

Well this is embarrassing but I do not own any proper brushes. It is important to have to right equipment for flawless eye make up application. I am looking into purchasing a set of Zoeva brushes.

Shu Uemura has, hands down, the best matte lipsticks (Rouge Unlimited) I have ever tried. For my lips, he used a matte red and peach gloss (pictured above) to create a semi ombre effect.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 1 (2)

Here’s my final Everyday Day Shu Uemura look done by this fantastic man!

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 15

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 2

The bestie went for a more bold and playful look with Shu’s colourful eyeliners.

tatum writes shu uemura makeover 16 tatum writes shu uemura makeover 17 tatum writes shu uemura makeover 18

I went home with a beautiful limited edition Shu Uemura makeup pouch, Hard Formula brow pencil, my second Rouge Unlimited lipstick and a light peach powder highlighter Glow On (all complimentary with the workshop, also had a few other testers thrown in!)

The winning product from this makeover was the brow pencil (which I chose to bring home with me at the end) because it actually managed to make even my super bushy eyebrows look good! The Hard 9 colour was so natural and had an outstanding effect on me. The pencil is sharpened uniquely to resemble a Naginata (Japanese sword). Such a technique is to ensure smooth drawing and a less harsh looking result. For additional sharpening, you will need to get it done at any Shu counter with for no charge. This is my first brow pencil purchase ever because I never thought it was a necessary product to have – until now. You. Have. To. Try. It.

Wondering how I got to attend this workshop? As a TANGS card holder, Shu Uemura members get are offered packages occasionally. I’ve pulled in so many friends to be a TANGS member because it really helps you save with rebates and attractive packages. I’m not endorsed to say any of this – but hey, I believe in sharing good things!


Beauty Secret: 10 Step Korean Skincare Regime

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I attended The Face Shop’s workshop last Thursday evening where The Face Shop’s beauty experts shared the legendary 10 step Korean skincare regime. I’m a huge huge fan of Korean dramas and always find myself pining for flawless skin that the characters in the dramas have. It is a pretty well known belief that Koreans wake up 1 hour earlier every morning to  prep their skin before even layering on any make up. This is wholly different when compared to other girls (like me) who usually carry out our skimpy skincare regime at night (or not at all). I reckon if you want something as desirable as flawless, translucent skin, you’ve got to work for it. Starting from now.

In this post, I will be sharing with you how The Face Shop’s Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng skincare range enables you to fulfill every step without breaking the bank nor compromising on quality. The most attractive factor of this range is that it is herbal based which means that you do not have to worry about artificial ingredients that may irritate/ dehydrate your skin.

Step 1: Cleanse

Displaying image.jpeg

One of my favourite products from this range is the Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Glowing Cleansing Foam. Heres why: the texture of this cleanser soothed my skin instantly and left my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom with just the most calming herbal scent ever. If you’re looking for a cleanser to replace your old one, I would definitely highly recommend this particular one as it is really difficult to find a good cleanser without overwhelmingly artificial scents.

Step 2: Replenish

Displaying image.jpeg

This step is to apply a product to boost the efficacy of the other skincare products that you will be applying on your face afterwards. Basically, your skin is ‘prepped’ to absorb other products better only if you replenish your skin. Myeong Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Treatment Essence is a water based essence that can be applied easily with a cotton pad. This essence is highly concentrated and with heavy moisture content that also helps to improve the skin’s texture.

Step 3: Tone

Many people get this step mixed up with Step 2. They are NOT the same. Toning helps mainly to even out your skin tone whilst step 3 (replenishing) helps to prepare the skin for absorption.  Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Toner contains White Gold Pearl that not only does a great job at making your skin tone even over time, but also refreshing the skin with an amazing cooling effect.

Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpeg

I’m taking this opportunity to give The Face Shop’s cotton pad some well-deserved recognition. This is no ordinary cotton pad – it is double sided, the soft side for application and the rougher side for exfoliation. Smart or what?! I’m definitely stocking up on this one!

Step 4: Balance

Displaying image.jpeg

This is where a face mask comes in. I usually put on a face mask at night, but apparently many Koreans do this in the mornings as they believe it absorbs better through the day! That is just some serious diligence.

Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Mask Sheet is a premium 24k gold hydro-gel mask sheet that helps in improving tone tone and elasticity. 24k Gold is a recent trend in skincare products as it is anti-inflammatory and regenerates skin cells at a rapid level, making it a prime ingredient for anti-aging products. As we all know, it is never too early to start on anti-aging products. The texture of this mask is super jelly-like which means that your face is in for a major treat especially after an exhausting day. This is also 2 piece which is better suited to frame any kind of face shape.

Step 5: Boost

Displaying image.jpeg

This post-mask step is to further boost your skin by introducing a high level of anti-oxidants to deliver hydration, firmness and radiance over time.

Step 6: Eye Care

Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpeg

This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT steps in a typical skincare regime. My sister once told me that when you turn 25, the first thing you should invest in is a good eye cream. Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Eye Cream provides excellent wrinkle care when done the right way. Always massage the eye cream softly on both your upper eyelids and lower eyelids. What I love about this particular eye cream is that its texture is rather goo-ey and hence provides easily absorption once massaged into the skin.

Step 7: Treat

Displaying image.jpeg

Displaying image.jpeg

Behold! The star product of the entire range: Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Essence. Every Korean girl’s skincare goal is to achieve translucent skin. Even if you have a darker skin tone like me, it is possible to achieve translucence when the skin is clear of dark spots and freckles. This whitening essence is packed with shiny pearl particles that is clearly visible, giving the skin instant radiance. Over time, this star treatment promises to effectively lighten any skin tone. I am definitely buying into this product as it is highly raved – and after trying it on myself, I know definitely lives up to its name. Afterall, pearls are known to the the secret behind youthful skin.

Step 8: Moisturize

Another crucial step is to moisturize your skin. Personally, I know that you can never have enough moisturizers. Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Whitening Emulsion brightens dull and uneven skin tone whilst leaving skin soft and velvety.

Step 9: Seal

Displaying image.jpegDisplaying image.jpeg

The Myeonghan Miindo Heaven Grade Ginseng Moisture Cream captured the attention of ALL the girls in the room. Why? There were gold particles in the cream so apparent that we could actually count them individually. How amazing and generous is that?! The importance of this step is to seal in your skins ability to hold in moisture from all the previous steps and also provides additional moisturizing and whitening effects.

Step 10: Sun Care

Displaying image.jpeg

One of The Face Shop’s most popular products is their sun care range. There are two different formulas that is suited for different skin types – for oily skin, Natural Sun Eco Sebum Control Moisture Sun SPF 40 PA++ helps to control sebum without drying out skin. For normal/combi skin, Natural Sun Eco Power Long-Lasting Sun Cream SPF 45 PA++ will do the job. Given that it is literally impossible of walk out of the house without sunscreen on your face (especially if you live in Singapore), this product is a definitely must-have given the many positive reviews written on it.

Would YOU go all the way for flawless skin?

P.S. Thank you June + The Face Shop Singapore for the invite! x