Don’t need to be a Yogi to wear Pretty Yoga Outfits

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Happy New Year, my loves!

I haven’t done yoga in more than a year since my yoga membership expired but that has certainly not stopped me from hauling super pretty and comfy yoga outfits. I mean WHY should hot outfits be reserved only for bendable bodies? I recall feeling entirely stupid when I couldn’t keep up with my yoga instructor at basic level. But hey, at least I was the most fashionable one in class.

I’ve been thinking of resuming yoga class so I picked up two precious yoga pieces from Vivre Activewear. I then realized that it didn’t look absolutely crazy when I paired them with casual clothes… so I decided to do a mini lookbook to show you guys how yoga wear can easily be translated to everyday wear if you style them well. The last thing you want people to think is that you’re headed for yoga class so it’s important to balance the sporty aspect with girly / chic elements so that the outfit looks put together.

To balance the crossed back yoga crop top, I paired it with a denim jacket to avoid earning myself dirty stares from conservative aunties on the train. I also decided to put on denim shorts because it would look oh-so-cute with the denim jacket. I seriously foresee myself wearing this outfit on a regular basis. For the tights, its super body hugging so to balance that off, I opted for a loose fit basic tee from Topshop. I love how this outfit turned out looking casually chic and I’ve already worn it out twice! I’m so into this sporty/chic style that I think I’m gonna have to purchase another pair of sports shoes to infuse this kinda sports element to more of my outfits. Not to mention, these kinda outfits are the most comfortable for Singapore weather.

Oh, you might have noticed that my hair is shorter now! I got it cut and I can’t tell you how much lighter my head feels now. Best hair decision I made in a long time.

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel which I created 2 days ago, please do! It took a lot of courage to get started and I’m sure glad I did… it’s such a good feeling to know that I’m now part of the YouTube beauty family – even though I know its going to be a really long journey to get to where I want to be. So happy to hear comments from family and close friends and I can’t wait to use the constructive criticism to make a better video next week! Whoop whoop. Check out my channel here.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have a blessed year ahead and a splendid weekend!


P.S. I’m wearing the tights the wrong way in the pictures. But it still looks good so don’t laugh at me.




Earth Tones & a Convertible Dress

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Hola amigas!

Today I’m doing a lookbook post at a new location because I kinda got tired of the brickwall backdrop. I will definitely still be using it for future lookbook posts though! I’m featuring a lovely convertible resort dress in an earth tone grey shade so I picked a backdrop with lush greenery to match the theme.

This dress is specially imported from South Africa by my dear South African friend, Amorie, who is currently selling these pieces in Singapore. I have a huge thing for convertible dresses because it’s really up to your creativity to decide what kind of look you’re going for – super versatile. You basically could choose to play it down for a day at the beach, or glam it up for a polished evening look. The downside is that it really is just a piece of cloth so you’re gonna need to work hard to accessorize the outfit such that you don’t look like you’re wearing a blanket. What I like best about this dress (besides it being a convertible) is that the material is luxuriously soft to the touch and light-weight which makes it perfect for humid weather.

  convertible dress


As I was saying, I really wanted to bring some life to this dress so I unabashedly paired it with my gladiator sandals, a brown belt, a flash tattoo and chunky earrings. Truth be told, I really should avoid gladiator sandals  because they tend to make my chunky calves (grotesque result of my younger years spent on mindless netball training and running) appear really, well, chunky looking…ew. But, heck. These sandals are too pretty for me to skip on.

So the pictures turned out looking very Jungle Jane-ish… but hey its my first non-brickwall lookbook post so I guess it isn’t so bad for a change! Hahaha. As always, thanks for dropping by! Don’t forget to check out my friend’s little boutique ‘Mooi’ – you can click the link directly below.

Convertible Resort Dress / Mooi

Gladiator Sandals / Danity Roses

Chunky Earrings / Lovisa

Note: Photos edited with VSCO cam


Making a Statement

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I’m back today with a fun lookbook post! Hurray! Those of you who have been to Singapore may be familiar with Singlish – a slightly modified version of English which Singaporeans use colloquially. I’ve always had a soft spot for Singlish despite being quite the Grammar Nazi. I find that Singlish is extremely unique and has been somewhat embedded in me. It makes me proud to be able to be distinguished on a foreign land by another fellow Singaporean merely from the way in which I speak.

Statement SG is a local t-shirt design company which incorporates Singlish in almost all of its t-shirt designs. The designs are mainly monochrome so as to draw attention to the statement itself. Today I wore “No lah, where got” on my tee which basically translates to “Oh, not really” (with a hint of embarrassment in tone) in proper English. So if, for example, someone tells you “Oh you look so pretty today”, you could reply “No lah, where got”.

Wearing this t-shirt today on the streets drew a fair amount of attention and many people flashed me cheeky smiles as signs of approval to my Singlish pride – if that makes any sense. The point is, I enjoyed wearing this statement tee very much!

Just to bring some life to the basic design of the t-shirt, I decided to pair it up with a structured striped skirt which instantly added a blast of cuteness. As if that wasn’t enough, I threw on some frilly pineapple socks because I thought my white wedges were just too boring and well, let’s just say ‘boring‘ was the last thing I wanted to be associated with today.

On a personal note, I have been finding myself strangely inclined to cats (kittens, mostly) of late. I have always been more of a dog person but recently, out of nowhere, I have developed a soft spot for cats. Hence, the random picture of my friendly neighbourhood cat. I’m pretty pleased with my cat picture and how I managed to blur the fencing to focus on the cat. DSLR ftw.

Statement Tee / StatementSG

Structured Skirt / Love, Bonito

Frilly Pineapple Socks / Cotton On

White Wedges / Charles and Keith

Striped Tumbler / Kate Spade New York

As always, thanks for thinking of me and dropping by!

P.S. I have decided to leave all of my lookbook pictures completely unedited so that there’s some kind of consistency to the picture quality and appearance.


Button Down Skirt Infatuation

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Hellooooo all my favourite people whom I’ve never met!

I’m back at my ol’ brick wall (hope you guys aren’t sick of it because I plan on using it as a backdrop for a loooong time). I’m so excited about today’s dressup because I’m wearing my new milk chocolate velvet button down skirt for the first time! I’ve been dying to get this style of skirt since I saw it on WordPress a few weeks ago… and then I found it in Topshop! Whoop whoop!

If you haven’t already realized I’m literally a material kinda girl – in the sense that I reallyyyyyy look for good quality material – especially fun textures (velvet!). I tend to be rather mundane with my colour choices but I’m not gonna apologize for that because I try to make it up a good mix of accessories + textures. You may be glad to know my next lookbook post is going to be beyond crazy (i.e. not my style) and I’m kinda nervous about it hahaha.

So my dad was helping me taking pictures for like 60 seconds and it starting pouring like no tomorrow… which explains why there are fewer pictures than usual. Whoopsie.

Andddd nowwwwww… well today is 15th June (at least here in Singapore)… which means I’ll be announcing the winner for my first giveaway! No drumrolls needed because honestly what I did was to close my eyes, twirl my fingers round at the names of the bloggers who followed all of my requirements and then blindly placed my finger on the screen… and the name nearest to where my finger landed is…. Ryane from Ryane Zamora Beauty. Congrats, giiirl! I’m really glad you got selected because I know you’re still a student… and trust me, I know how hard it is to splurge on make up – I hardly had the chance to experiment with cosmetics when I was in University myself because of my earnings from my part time job went to books!! Ugh. Please drop me an email with your home address so I can get the parcel mailed to you ASAP! Really hope you enjoy it. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!

Off Shoulder Top – Love, Bonito

Velvet Button Down Skirt – Topshop

Wedges – Charles & Keith

Headband – Lovisa


Velvet Dreams

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Good Monday chicaaasssss!

I’ve had this crimson velvet dress since forever… thrifted it at a flea in Melbourne a couple of years back. I never quite liked how loud it is. Today I decided that if you can’t tone down a striking dress, you should go all out to add to its appeal. So…I decided to jazz it up with a beaded head accessory and some laced up heels.

Today is a public holiday in Singapore – it’s Vesak Day… which is why I had the mood to get all dressed up and my cutie pie daddy was more than happy to snap a couple of shot for me. I really have to make sure he gets a fantastic Father’s Day treat this year because he really is such a patient and loving dad (especially when it comes to fulfilling his vainpot daughter’s requests)

Will be posting soon with a whole lot of new make up reviews – can’t wait! Till next time, girls.

Dress – Valley Girl

Head Beaded Accessory – Miss Selfridge

Laced up Heels – Charles & Keith


Monochroming in Comfort

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Happy Sunday, amigos!

This set right here is my all time favourite and most worn weekend monochrome outfit. Its super comfy and fuss free for either a Sunday date or a mere errand day. I didn’t intend to take any lookbook shots today, but since I had my camera in my bag I thought why not?

Today, I jazzed up this simple outfit with a classic red lip which was made possible with Colourpop‘s amazing long lasting formula for their lippiesticks. I received my first Colourpop haul a few days back and will be sharing how I use my Colourpop eyeshadows, blushers and lippies soon. I also opted for my wedge booties to give this plain outfit more of an edge. This pair of awesome kicks is from Skechers… I used to love this brand so much and wearing this pair today made me realize that I really should wear it out more often!

Striped Cotton Tee – Cotton On

Velvet Black High-waisted Shorts – Topshop

Wedge Booties – Skechers

Tote Bag – H&M


A Pretty Kind of Eccentric: Feather Fringe + Leopard Prints

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Hi there lovelies!

These days, the fashion police hardly exist. I mean, even severely clashing prints are a thing now! For today’s look, I thought I’d steer away from my standard dressing to try something a wee bit eccentric.

Since I had my funkiest shoes and skirt on, I kept my chiffon top simple and my accessories muted with no earrings or rings – just a thin Tiffany’s bracelet to add a touch of elegance. Truth be told, this skirt could really be versatile – e.g. worn for a dinner when paired with heels or wedges, but I chose a sports luxe look instead to match the summery weather.

On a side note, Victoria Beckham dropped by Sephora yesterday to promote her new (overly-priced) nail polishes (She was in town for Singapore Fashion Week). I saw pictures of her on Sephora SG’s instagram and was practically screeching. She really is the epitome of a style diva and definitely one of my key fashion inspirations. My dad actually got to meet both David and Victoria Beckham on his job last Saturday. How lucky!

Till next time, ladies!

Chiffon Reversible Top – Innit Bangkok

Fringed Mini Skirt – Mphosis


Keeping it Classy with Levis

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Hola Chicas!

I just purchased this pair of beautifuuulllllll Levi’s jeans a few days back  so I thought why not share a few pictures?! I love pairing jeans with a simple tank top but I like to throw on a chiffon outerwear (usually with prints) just to add a touch of elegance to the outfit. I love chiffon throw overs/ kimonos as they can easily turn a super simple outfit into a glamourous one. So simple! Not the mention perfect for weather that is a daily average of 30 degrees C.

The main reason why I purchased this pair of jeans (my second Levi’s – I’m not much of a jeans girl to be very honest) was because I was thoroughly impressed by the good nature of the salesman in the Levi’s outlet. We actually walked into the shop to get my boyfriend’s belt (not Levi’s) punched with an additional hole, and the store in-charge said it was for free…just to be clear, NOTHING is free in Singapore. So naturally, this really impressed me and I wanted to give something back to this amazing man. So I browsed through the racks thinking about how I’m such a loser for only owning 1 pair of Levis and finally settled for this very dark grey colour with bluish undertones. It’s apparently a 4-way stretch which means that as I grow slimmer or wider, the material is able to shrink or expand accordingly – wowza. Anyway, hurray for great customer service!

Hope all of you have a great week ahead!

Tank top – Topshop

Chiffon throw over – Dorothy Perkins

Jeans – Levi’s

Wedges – Charles and Keith

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Summertime Sadness

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My photographer of the day was my mumsie. It’s a miracle that she managed to capture these shots because honestly, she doesn’t even know where the shutter hole is. The sky was bright and after literally 30 seconds, it started pouring… hence the title ‘Summertime Sadness’. Such has been the weather recently in Singapore – its just blinking hot and out of nowhere, a thunderstorm splashes painfully on your face.

I have just had probably one of my worst weeks ever on the job. Almost every day in the past week has presented me with a tremendous amount of pressure and unforeseen occurrences which had thrown me completely off-guard. Adulthood is difficult, I’m not sure if I would ever get the hang of it. The best way for me to handle things so far is just to try my best to laugh things off artificially, even if tears seem to be the natural response. Like my sister always says, Fake it until you make it.

“It only takes one person to ruin your day, but it also only takes one person to brighten your mood” – got this off a friend’s FB status and I completely agree. Except that, what happens when the latter person does not show up for days?

Off-shoulder Top – Love, Bonito

Foliage Printed Skorts – MDS Collections

Roll-up Clutch – random store

Holographic Sandals –  Charles and Keith


Sunday Summer Dressdown

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It’s summer all year round here in Singapore. The past month has been hotter than usual… I’ve been toying with the idea of breaking an egg on the concrete floor outside just to see if it cooks because I really believe it would. Thank goodness its Sunday and I managed to get the day off from work (yes, I have to work through the weekends sometimes) so I could dress down in my favourite shorts!

Because I don’t want my arms to be more charred than they already are, I decided to throw on a chiffon long sleeve to basically shield my arms from the unforgiving sun. I’m happy with how the outfit turned out and I think I’m gonna be throwing on a long sleeve as outerwear more often! As for my legs – well I don’t have skinny model-like legs, but I really hate wearing long pants/maxi skirts because my legs just need to be able to breathe. I know, I’m weird.

Today was a fantastic Sunday. I woke up earlier than I usually would on my day off to spend an hour doing my first eye look with the Naked 2 palette. The boy was in an extra good mood so we had Mexican complete with heavenly lime margarita (so good to cool down in this weather) and sensational churros. I mean I really died and went to heaven when my teeth sank into the rich chocolatey, doughy and chewy texture of it. Ahhhh… The goodness of the simple (and fattening) things in life.

Grid chiffon long sleeve – Topshop

Black velvet high-waisted shorts – Topshop

Denim corset – Topshop

Tassle necklace – Quaint little shop in Bali

Sunnies – Roxy

Bag – Rebecca Minkoff