Button Down Skirt Infatuation

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Hellooooo all my favourite people whom I’ve never met!

I’m back at my ol’ brick wall (hope you guys aren’t sick of it because I plan on using it as a backdrop for a loooong time). I’m so excited about today’s dressup because I’m wearing my new milk chocolate velvet button down skirt for the first time! I’ve been dying to get this style of skirt since I saw it on WordPress a few weeks ago… and then I found it in Topshop! Whoop whoop!

If you haven’t already realized I’m literally a material kinda girl – in the sense that I reallyyyyyy look for good quality material – especially fun textures (velvet!). I tend to be rather mundane with my colour choices but I’m not gonna apologize for that because I try to make it up a good mix of accessories + textures. You may be glad to know my next lookbook post is going to be beyond crazy (i.e. not my style) and I’m kinda nervous about it hahaha.

So my dad was helping me taking pictures for like 60 seconds and it starting pouring like no tomorrow… which explains why there are fewer pictures than usual. Whoopsie.

Andddd nowwwwww… well today is 15th June (at least here in Singapore)… which means I’ll be announcing the winner for my first giveaway! No drumrolls needed because honestly what I did was to close my eyes, twirl my fingers round at the names of the bloggers who followed all of my requirements and then blindly placed my finger on the screen… and the name nearest to where my finger landed is…. Ryane from Ryane Zamora Beauty. Congrats, giiirl! I’m really glad you got selected because I know you’re still a student… and trust me, I know how hard it is to splurge on make up – I hardly had the chance to experiment with cosmetics when I was in University myself because of my earnings from my part time job went to books!! Ugh. Please drop me an email with your home address so I can get the parcel mailed to you ASAP! Really hope you enjoy it. 🙂

As always, thanks for reading!

Off Shoulder Top – Love, Bonito

Velvet Button Down Skirt – Topshop

Wedges – Charles & Keith

Headband – Lovisa



$ave or $plurge: Stila Eyes are the Window to the MIND Palette

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stilla eyes are the window shadow palette MIND review

Hello Cuties!

I have been dyingggggg to do a review + LOTD with my new precious baby – Stila Eyes are the Window to the Mind Palette. Before I start on the review, let me say – THIS IS MY FIRST STILA PRODUCT. Where have I been?! I always never bothered swatching or even giving a second look at the Stila section in Sephora because I didn’t think much of the brand (weird since I’ve never tried).

Anywaayyyy… I’ve been on the hunt for a good burnt orange eyeshadow colour. I told the Sephora assistant how much I need this shade in my life and being the kind lady that she is, she spent a good 5 minutes swatching almost every palette in the store to find the closest shade to the burnt orange that I was looking for.

After some time, she walked towards me with a brilliant swatch of a deep burnt orange on the back of her palm. It was soooo beautiful and soooo pigmented. I thought ‘ok that must be Makeup Forever or Dior or something’ But she led me to the Stila range and I was like what. no way. I was a tad bit disappointed because I had to buy the entire palette just for that one shade. But holy moly all of the shades are so highly pigmented and beautiful that it is well worth every dollar. Also, it fun to note that this is probably the first make up product I’ve purchased this year that I didn’t have to consult makeupalley.com for a review because I mean heck my eyes could decide for themselves.

14 shades of beautiful matte colours. Essssspensive, yes I don’t deny – but so blendable I can swear to you that you’d be reaching for this palette on an almost daily basis if you have it.


I mean would you just look at that beyond gorgeous facade? So luxurious even to just look at!


You’ve got that right, Sir Einstein.


& the luscious matte colours, just screaming out to you. *sigh* Look that that sexy burnt orange colour (last row, middle). *double sigh* A huge beautiful mirror included inside too!

PicMonkey Collage

Okok…I know.. I could have done a mucccchhh more interesting look than this given the array of different shades. However, I was rushing for work this morning so I had to keep my eyeshadow as muted as possible. I put the burnt orange shade (‘Perception’) into my crease and may have put too much but I don’t care because I LOOOVE IT. As usual, I’m using my iPhone 5s front camera for my beauty selfies which have I really have to apologize for its poor quality. I promise I’m on a desperate look out for a good selfie cam just for makeup selfies. 🙂

I’m not gonna break down the pros & cons for this product because I only have good things to say about its quality and exterior. The only downside is the price – but hey, it retails for the same amount money as Too Faced and Naked sooo yeah, you’re pretty much paying for what you get – so, $PURLGE.


Review: The Body Shop New Vitamin C Range

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Body shop vitamin C face range review 1

Hi amigos!

In the past few months I’ve noticed that my skin (especially my face) has been looking really dull in colour and tired. This could be due to the fact that I’m aging (boohoohoo) or the lack of fruits and vegetables in my diet. Anyhow… 4 weeks ago, I was walking pass the Body Shop and there was a gigantic advertorial for their new vitamin C range – of which the star product is the Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin. I knew I had to give it (the entire range) a shot because lately, nothing really seems to brighten up my skin without the use of makeup.

I waited patiently for 4 weeks before writing up this review because I really wanted to give it a thorough and accurate evaluation. I shall begin this review with the star product.

☆ Glow Boosting Moisturizer for Dull, Tired and Grumpy Skin

body shop vitaman c glow boosting moisturizer review


What I liked about it 

♥ Light weight, easily absorbed by the skin – hence suitable for both day and night usage

♥  Worked really well beneath my make up… it kept all my dry facial areas well moisturized throughout the day. I have not had dry patches on my face for almost 1 month (which really is a miracle) but I also credit my light weight josie maran argan oil for this.

♥ Did not break me out

♥ Refreshing citrus scent that does not smell artificial at all

♥ After regular usage for 3-4 weeks, I notice that my bare face is brighter in tone

What I didn’t like

✘ There’s no ingredients list. I have no idea if there is parabens in this but I choose to believe there isn’t because I would be so upset if it does.

☆ Vitamin C Facial Cleansing Polish

body shop facial cleansing polish review


What I liked about it 

♥ Refreshing citrus scent

♥ This is my only facial wash that can actually completely remove the coconut oil I use to remove my make up… with other facial washes, it takes me at least 2 full washes to get the coconut oil completely cleaned from my face

What I didn’t like

✘ If you look closely at the ingredients list as pictured above, you’ll notice theres sulphate in this product… its probably the work of the sulphate that does such a great job in cleaning out the coconut oil.. but this is a huge no-no for me. I only noticed this bad ingredient after I made my purchase. Will definitely not be purchasing this again solely because of this.

☆ Vitamin C Microdermabrasion Facial Scrub

body shop vitamin C face scrub mircodermabrasion



What I liked about it 

♥ let’s start by saying I REALLY LOVE THIS. my face was instantly brightened up and baby bottom smooth after a light scrub. It’s weird that I didn’t expect much especially since I love body shop’s body scrubs so much.. obviously they would come up with awesome facial scrubs too!

♥ unlike other facial scrubs, this did not hurt my sensitive skin

♥ super affordable for what it is


I hadn’t anticipated to like this range as much as I do. I definitely recommend the glow boosting moisturizer and the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion for anyone who is currently facing dull skin problem. It really had worked for me very noticeably! Price wise, it is definitely wallet friendly. There is little reason for you not to give this Vitamin C range a fair shot!

As always, thanks for reading!


Velvet Dreams

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Good Monday chicaaasssss!

I’ve had this crimson velvet dress since forever… thrifted it at a flea in Melbourne a couple of years back. I never quite liked how loud it is. Today I decided that if you can’t tone down a striking dress, you should go all out to add to its appeal. So…I decided to jazz it up with a beaded head accessory and some laced up heels.

Today is a public holiday in Singapore – it’s Vesak Day… which is why I had the mood to get all dressed up and my cutie pie daddy was more than happy to snap a couple of shot for me. I really have to make sure he gets a fantastic Father’s Day treat this year because he really is such a patient and loving dad (especially when it comes to fulfilling his vainpot daughter’s requests)

Will be posting soon with a whole lot of new make up reviews – can’t wait! Till next time, girls.

Dress – Valley Girl

Head Beaded Accessory – Miss Selfridge

Laced up Heels – Charles & Keith



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clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop tatum writes Hi girls! I’m back with THE product that I’ve been dying to get my hands on since I first saw it on an advertorial recently. It’s packaging is so pleasing to the eyes…a well embossed flower head for the blush product that comes in a range of promising colours. I’ve never ever tried Clinque’s make up range so writing up this review is really exciting for me!

I finally decided to purchase it at the Sephora sale after much contemplation because I was worried that its formula wouldn’t be as fantastic as its packaging. I’m glad to tell you this this is going to be a fantastic review because I really cannot think of any particularly bad thing to say about Clinique’s Cheek Pop.

♥ 01 Ginger pop is a colour you MUST GET if you have medium to tan skin… this is actually one of the best blush colours I currently own

the embossed flower goes right through the product – basically the flower will never disappear even if you dig your brush into the product 100 times. It only disappears when the product is finished but then again I’ve never quite finished using a blush

♥ the colour is extremely buildable which means that it could be really really light for a casual day out – or super heavy and bright for a girl’s night out. To me, this is a very appealing characteristic for a blush because other blushes such as NARS does not give you an option for a light and natural look.

as I’ve mentioned…THE PACKAGING…super light weight acrylic casing which shows off the beautiful flower emboss in it. It’s really an instant charmer and mood lifter – for me, at least. I’ll let the pictures do the talking…



clinique cheek pop blush pop review ginger pop

I mean… YEAH… you would be insane if you don’t already wish to see this in your make up stash. Period.


Staycation at Studio M


tatumwrites staycation

Hello friends!

I feel 110% rejuvenated after a super short and refreshing break that I had at Studio M with my partner for our 2nd anniversary. Thought I’d share a few pictures from this awesome stay and all of the fun we had!


Packed some of my favourite make up necessities in my pretty new Shu Uemura make up pouch


As usual, I am never able to bring only 1 set of swim wear out so I brought 2 and chose the one that suited my mood better. Hahaha.

Bikini top (right) – Cotton On

Bikini bottom (right) – Eau Paix Vie

Bikini top (left) – Cotton On

Bikini bottom (left) – French Connection



The pool area isn’t huge like other luxury hotels, but i found it quaint and really peaceful especially since there were not many people at all (probably since it was a weekday)


Ok so I’m testing out a new photo editing software and I love how it makes the pictures glow. I really look Iike I’m glowing here and I love it!


M being his usual self…


& me being my usual self. No day is a happy day without chocolate.


It was so relaxing just sitting there doing nothing. That’s the whole point of going on a staycation (in my opinion, of course) – to do nothing and just lie still.

studio M singapore jacuzzi pool

I love how the jacuzzi just overlooks the busy street. I have a few embarrassing pictures of me waving to the random cars in my swimsuit and having a good laugh about it but they are obviously too retarded to share.

Studio M singapore pool


So we made such a horrendous mess in the room that I don’t quite have a presentable picture to share. But from the above picture where I’m receiving a smooch (hehe?), you can see that the room follows a loft design where the bed is on a upper deck whilst theres a couch and a super huge window thanks to the amazingly high ceiling on the lower deck. It really is an unconventional interior design concept for a hotel room – I believe its the only such one in Singapore? Well at least for such a price (about SG 250 a night), it definitely is an affordable option for such a stylish interior. The only annoying thing about the room was that the toilet was just tiny. No bathtub and tiny. I think this place would be close to perfect if this toilet constraint can be resolved!


Here’s a silhouette picture M took taking advantage of the beautiful huge window in the room. Such an artistic shot but its really just of me trying to whip my hair back and forth and failing miserably. I soon gave up and made my way to the swimming pool. Hahaha.

book cafe singapore

The next morning we decided to have brunch at a little book cafe named Book Cafe (I’d never have guessed that one). We had a beautiful brunch which surpassed my expectations in terms of ambiance and food quality. I loved that the cafe offers all kinds of international magazines and books to browse whilst having a meal or just coffee. There’s even quite a few giant sofas for customers to lounge on. Hands down one of the best cafe concepts I’ve seen.

Since this staycation was really to celebrate our 2nd year together, I thought I’d share a little tip/secret/advice (or two, yes make it two) from what I have learnt in our short 2 years together. It’s really simple – Laugh everything off! Especially if the problem isn’t really a problem – laugh at each other and with each other. I think its through laughter that we learn to forgive and grow as a couple. Oh, and… Pick. Your. Battles.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!