Monochroming in Comfort

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Happy Sunday, amigos!

This set right here is my all time favourite and most worn weekend monochrome outfit. Its super comfy and fuss free for either a Sunday date or a mere errand day. I didn’t intend to take any lookbook shots today, but since I had my camera in my bag I thought why not?

Today, I jazzed up this simple outfit with a classic red lip which was made possible with Colourpop‘s amazing long lasting formula for their lippiesticks. I received my first Colourpop haul a few days back and will be sharing how I use my Colourpop eyeshadows, blushers and lippies soon. I also opted for my wedge booties to give this plain outfit more of an edge. This pair of awesome kicks is from Skechers… I used to love this brand so much and wearing this pair today made me realize that I really should wear it out more often!

Striped Cotton Tee – Cotton On

Velvet Black High-waisted Shorts – Topshop

Wedge Booties – Skechers

Tote Bag – H&M



Singapore Trail: Chua Chu Kang to Bukit Timah

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Hola Amigos!

After more than a month of refraining from exercise because of me frequently falling sick, we finally went on our usual Sunday hiking trail from my house to bukit timah yesterday. I’ve never shared this route before so I thought I’d do a post on it!

This is actually a bike route, but we decided to be rebels and follow this path on foot. Bike routes are comparatively fun and challenging they usually are really plain dirt trails.



The grass here is so tall – even taller than me!


…and here are very very big leaves. Larger than life grass and leaves – man, I felt like I was in some kinda giant world. Nature can sometimes make you feel so small. M was like “Eh go stand under the big natural umbrella!!” He told me that cavemen in the past used such leaves as naturally occurring umbrellas. I mean how would he even know. But I guess it makes sense. Hahaha…

brown and cony LINE characters


This route reminded me ALOT of the Bibbulmun track in Australia – a seemingly endless narrow path.


Here my partner in crime is having his moment.


Singapore does not have her own natural water resource. We get our water supply from our neighbour Malaysia from such huge water channels which we came across along this route.


See the danger sign above? It’s there for a damn good reason. Bikers love to speed at this slope for a temporary high. My beloved boyfriend used to be a bike fanatic and had a terrible accident at this exact location where this danger sign is now placed. He was speeding on his bike at the slope many years ago and flew off his bike. His head hit a rock and he had to go for stitches and ended up missing a biking competition that he was training for. He tells me that if this accident didn’t happen, he would be a star biker by now and would have not met me. Well, I’m sure glad that he had that accident then! He also says that this danger sign was only put up after he had that nasty accident.



I mean – honestly, there is NO WHERE else you can actually find untouched nature in Singapore other than from such hiking trails. Singapore is heavily modernized, sometimes we forget that such beauty still exists.


The only sign of human intervention are these signposts which are there obviously for a very good reason. We don’t wanna get lost in the forests! Then again I doubt its technically possible to get lost in our forests because they are tiny compared to forests in other countries. Either ways, I would be really scared if I were to be lost in a forest even in Singapore. I’m such a coward – I even get scared if my boyfriend walks to fast so I have to always keep up with him. Sometimes he even runs because he knows I would get scared and have to choice but to chase him. Hahaha…What a work out!



Like I said… this really is a bike trail.


I have an obsession with weird looking trees. I mean how do they just sprout out from the ground like that.


I also have an obsession with mangroves. What lives in those shallow waters?!


So, usually what actually keeps us going on a long 10km trail, is a good chilled cup of sugarcane juice. For my non-Singaporean followers, sugarcane juice is an awesome local natural drink that you MUST try. its naturally sweet and so refreshing almost like coconut water but its green in colour.


I know I don’t ever feature food on my blog, but hey there’s a first for everything! Above is a Malay dessert called ondeh-ondeh. Its my favourite Malay dessert (‘kueh’) of all time. Inside this balls is melted black sugar which just oozes out like a dream when you take a bite. I love how this particular stall, Food Mapping, makes it – fresh and so very very affordable (SGD 1.50 for a packet of 6). This stall also makes the BEST AGAR AGAR (jelly) CAKES IN THE WHOLE WORLD.


Here’s my last picture that I have to share from yesterday’s trail. Its a hamburger with patty made of ayam keluak (chicken + keluak). The stall that sells this in Beauty World Centre #04-49 (last level of the building) is called Hambaobao. I love the concept of this burger as it is really a modern take on a very traditional dish. Keluak is the meat of a nut which is black in colour. I grew up eating keluak rather often because my grandmother cooks it a lot. She picked up the recipe of this Peranakan dish when she was living in Malacca during the war.

Okay, this post was longer than I intended for it to be. Hope you enjoyed it either ways!