Everyday Makeup without Liquid Foundation

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work makeup routine

Hey girls!

I’ve been wanting to film this no liquid foundation, no liquid wing liner and no falsies everyday makeup look for some time now. So I finally decided to just switch the camera on whilst I was getting ready for work a couple of days ago!

Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Lots of love!




NEW Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Palette

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Hey guys!

I have been using these 2 beauty items non stop for the past 3 weeks, since it got launched really. MUFE never compromises on the quality of their products so it wasn’t a huge surprise to me that I love the palette and lipstick so much!

I have been so busy with work so I couldn’t do a video on these sooner, but I’m so glad I got the day off from work so I could finally film a review and demonstration of how I use these babies.

The MUFE pro sculpting palette is so good, you dont even need a powder to set it if you have dry skin. I love the glow it gives (thanks to its brilliant highlighting cream) The only word of caution I have to give you is that if you use the same brush to apply the creams, make sure that you clean your brush off after each colour so that your contour does not end up looking muddy. I definitely recommend using the MUFE straight brush because it actually makes a hell of a difference when you use a brush.

As for the MUFE sculpting lip, I don’t quite get the whole concept of it because you could really just use a basic eyeshadow on your lip to create the same gradient effect… but what I love this lipstick for is its quality which is BOMB.

Thanks for reading and I hope you guys enjoy the demo video!


*NEW* YSL Fusion Ink Cushion Foundation

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YSL fushion ink cushion foundation review

Hi my lovelies!

YSL caught up with the #cushionfever and its new product was actually launched in Singapore! Such a rare moment for Singaporean beauty lovers really. We always are one of the last people on earth to get our hands on popular beauty products (e.g. Sephora in Singapore does not carry Kat Von D, we haven’t had the new Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon palette… heck, we haven’t even gotten the Too Faced Hangover Primer which launched in US a year ago)

Grumblings aside, I was so excited about getting my hands on this beauty that I just had to make a video on it.

THIS PACKAGING IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL BEAUTY PRODUCT PACKAGING I’VE SEEN IN MY WHOLE LIFE. Whilst the product itself didn’t blow me away, honestly I love the packaging so much that I want to carry it in my bag forever and always.

I’ll do a quick write-up on how the product fared, but if you want to see how it looks like and a deeper insight on the product, then just click ‘play’on the video and support me!


  • super pigmented – so it easily covers up blemishes
  • a little product goes a loooong way
  • dewy and fresh finish that looks great for up to 6 hours
  • easy to touch up since it’s so portable


  • only 6 shades in total
  • products makes your face super oily after 6 hours
  • it *may* have caused my face to break out a tiny bit





Cheapest and Best Primer Ever?

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Hi lovelies!

The beauty community has been going crazy with the Nivea Men After Shave balm used as a primer which started from Nikki Tutorials on YouTube. Sheer curiosity got the better of me eventually so I caved in and purchased it – much to my boyfriend’s bewilderment.

Since Youtube is flooded with first impressions, I decided to do something different, a solid 10 hour wear test. I have had used this as a primer once before filming and it impressed me so much that I wanted to take it one step further.

The video is extremely detailed so I won’t write much on it, but I will say that my skin is combination type and this has worked better on me than Urban Decay setting spray. There is no setting spray needed with this baby. What really sold me on this mens product is the fact that it really is 2-in-1 : It calms the skin and serves as an awesome primer beautifully.

Hope you guys enjoy the video! I’m still working on my awkwardness infront of the camera. Or maybe I’m just always this awkward.


Styling For Love and Lemons Bralette

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Hi lovelies!

I’ve been lusting after the For Love and Lemons bralettes (aka ‘skivvies’ – hip term for undergarments) since I first saw them on the Gram more than a year ago. Sadly, they were (and still are) rather overpriced so I decided to wait for a special occasion to purchase a small piece of the lace haven.

Slight sidetrack before I get into how I actually styled my piece…I was so obssessed with the lace design of bralettes that I started designing and creating my own lace pieces from scratch in 2014… it was a tiny business which surprising went so well that it was sold out before my tailor quit out of the sheer complications of putting such delicate pieces of lace together. I wasn’t out to get rich from this little venture more than I was merely exercising my creative juices – so I let go of the concept once the second batch of my lace bralettes were sold out. In case you were wondering, I labelled these designs ‘Loungextatum’ / ‘Lounge by Tatum’. I shall insert a picture of what one of the designs looked like below –


Pretty cute right?! Realizing that I could actually make something to wear from scratch was definitely one of the proudest moments of my life.

Back to FLAL – I finally placed an order for a royal blue piece in October last year thinking that it would reach me in time for my birthday in November – but as life would have it, it reached me just a few weeks ago (Jan 2016). Yep, it took 3 months to get to me. I guess good things are worth waiting for.

I was worried as hell about the fitting of the bralette because I hardly have any frontal lady lumps. (ahem) So you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when the bralette fit me like a dream! It’s completely pad-less and has little to no support (it does have an underwire but it really serves an aesthetic purpose more than anything else).




new infrared filter was too cool to skip


I would totes wear this out on date night because YOTSO (you’re only twenty something once)

The moment I realized that it fitted like a glove (irony – gloves NEVER fit me because of my small hands), I knew that it simply could not restrict it as an undergarment. So, I set my mind to come up with different looks for which (daring) girls could get away with wearing these bralettes out. I mean, there’s no way I’m spending 100 bucks on an “undergarment” that is doomed to have only 1 moment of glory in an Instagram picture taken on my bed, at home, behind closed doors.


Brunch outfit maybe


super cool metallic flash tattoo which I got for Christmas


Singapore’s beautiful skyline and my big butt

 Okay so I’m not gonna lie – this really wasn’t supposed to be a blog post with pictures because we had first intended to film a video for my recently set up Youtube channel. But the weather was not cooperating… it was sooo windy that I just couldnt keep still without my hair flying all over the place. Soooo instead of a super cool lookbook video that would have featured 3 different outfits, I decided to make do with this blog post. Hope you enjoyed reading!






Top 5 Everyday Neutral Lipsticks

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top everyday neutral lipsticks

Hi Dolls!

I had so much fun choosing my favourite 5 everyday lipsticks from my collection of lippies. These 5 are the ones that I use regularly at work, dates or whatever causal outings. Here are the 5 lipsticks that I love so much –

  1. MAC Velvet Teddy
  2. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in 342
  3. Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Understudy 114
  4. Stay all Day Stila Liquid Lipstick in Amore 09
  5. YSL Baby Doll Kiss and Blush in 11

Click on the video below to see how these shades look on me! I’m so happy that its only a 2 minute video because my previous videos were seriously waaay too long! Hope you guys enjoy watching!

Lots of love X

Don’t need to be a Yogi to wear Pretty Yoga Outfits

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Happy New Year, my loves!

I haven’t done yoga in more than a year since my yoga membership expired but that has certainly not stopped me from hauling super pretty and comfy yoga outfits. I mean WHY should hot outfits be reserved only for bendable bodies? I recall feeling entirely stupid when I couldn’t keep up with my yoga instructor at basic level. But hey, at least I was the most fashionable one in class.

I’ve been thinking of resuming yoga class so I picked up two precious yoga pieces from Vivre Activewear. I then realized that it didn’t look absolutely crazy when I paired them with casual clothes… so I decided to do a mini lookbook to show you guys how yoga wear can easily be translated to everyday wear if you style them well. The last thing you want people to think is that you’re headed for yoga class so it’s important to balance the sporty aspect with girly / chic elements so that the outfit looks put together.

To balance the crossed back yoga crop top, I paired it with a denim jacket to avoid earning myself dirty stares from conservative aunties on the train. I also decided to put on denim shorts because it would look oh-so-cute with the denim jacket. I seriously foresee myself wearing this outfit on a regular basis. For the tights, its super body hugging so to balance that off, I opted for a loose fit basic tee from Topshop. I love how this outfit turned out looking casually chic and I’ve already worn it out twice! I’m so into this sporty/chic style that I think I’m gonna have to purchase another pair of sports shoes to infuse this kinda sports element to more of my outfits. Not to mention, these kinda outfits are the most comfortable for Singapore weather.

Oh, you might have noticed that my hair is shorter now! I got it cut and I can’t tell you how much lighter my head feels now. Best hair decision I made in a long time.

If you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel which I created 2 days ago, please do! It took a lot of courage to get started and I’m sure glad I did… it’s such a good feeling to know that I’m now part of the YouTube beauty family – even though I know its going to be a really long journey to get to where I want to be. So happy to hear comments from family and close friends and I can’t wait to use the constructive criticism to make a better video next week! Whoop whoop. Check out my channel here.

As always, thanks for reading and I hope you have a blessed year ahead and a splendid weekend!


P.S. I’m wearing the tights the wrong way in the pictures. But it still looks good so don’t laugh at me.



Christmas Shopping Settled Thanks to Althea.kr

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Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in a while but I’m back with a super lovely gift box from Althea.kr. I cannot put to words the joy of receiving a big pink parcel which unwraps to a Christmas edition box.


I hardly ever purchase Korean products in Singapore stores because it’s just too stinking expensive. The prices in Singapore are really inflated in comparison to what the products sell for in Korea. When I was in South Korea a few years back, I bought heaps of skincare which I really enjoyed using but never re-purchased them locally. I would get friends and family who travel there to buy products for me but I would be really embarrassed to ask for so much because you know I have like a really really long list of what I need from there.

In comes Althea.kr – the ultimate Korean beauty shopping gamechanger.

I was beyond delighted when the kind folks from Althea gave me 60 credits in total to spend on what I liked on the site. By the way, anyone who signs up instantly get 10 credits (equivalent to SG10). Here’s the thing – everything on the site is significantly cheaper than whats sold in local Korean products outlets. By “significantly”, I’m talking a good 20% to 50% cheaper. These are products flown directly from Korea – authenticity naturally guaranteed, no bullshit involved. While the prices are guaranteed much lower than the prices in Singapore, from what I gather, it is not cheaper than the going-rate in Korea. But that’s fine by me.

Did I mention there’s free shipping when you spend SGD50 and above? That’s just mad. FYI, they are not paying me to write this post. I’m just really mindblown at this point. I have already told my good friends about this site and they are all equally as intrigued as I am.

Oh, this month, all your purchases will come in a super cute Christmas edition box which looks simply spectacular underneath your tree – perfect gift for your Korean beauty-obsessed girlfriends.


Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. Whilst there are indeed many many wonderful things about this site, I find 2 minor downsides:

a) It took slightly less than 2 weeks for the package to reach me (I guess because its flown from Korea)

b) The product variety is great but not exactly huge. (e.g. I was praying Dinoplatz Escalator Mascara by Too Cool For School would be available on the site – but to my disappointment, it wasn’t.)

These 2 issues aren’t that bad though. Considering the fantastic price tags, I’m happy to wait a little longer for the parcel to reach me. Also, it is worth noting that the product selection will be widen as the site grows. I’m currently in full anticipation mode for more products to be made available on the site. All in all, I am one very satisfied beauty junkie.

Just in case you’d be interested, here are the fabulous goodies that I chose for my giftbox.


I had previously purchased the Skinfood Black Sugar Mask  and the Innisfree Wine Peeling Softener during my Korea trip years back and I remember loving these products to death. They really do what they claim to do. Its amazing how Korean skincare products are so much more affordable than Western equivalents but work so much better. Not to mention, these products have a high level of natural ingredients. I’m most excited about the Innisfree Volcanic Clay Mask because I’ve never tried it before but have heard so many great things about it.

That’s all for today – hope you guys love this site as much as I do!


Coney Island: The Future of Sustainable Recreation


Hola readers!

When UN released the17 Sustainable Development Goals recently, the Internet was quick to respond with countless parodies mocking the UN’s infamously idealistic visions. To achieve such lofty global standards by 2030 is undeniably a challenge…but it’s entirely impossible with genuine and joint effort.

Coney Island has just opened its doors in October this year and I wasn’t exactly dying to visit so soon because a few reasons –

  1. It’s a 2 hours journey by public transport from where I live
  2. I thought it would be the same as the other local hiking trails
  3. The haze
  4. So many people seem to be flocking to the place, I thought I could wait for a bit

Nevertheless, I was itching for an adventure so I applied for leave and made my way, accompanied by my partner in crime. Thankfully, the haze situation was not at its peak on the day of our mini adventure.


 I wasn’t quite anticipating this, but Coney Island captures the essence of sustainable development. This revelation heightened my enthusiasm upon reaching the location. I would say its less of a revelation and more of an underrated value of the newly opened island. The island literally operates on little to no electricity – no path lights or vending machines or anything of that sort (hence, the closure time at 7pm. There are solar powered lights at the entrances though.) There are few amenities on the island, and they are almost completely made of recycled materials. There also is a full obstacle course area made of tree trunks (pictured in the banner image), the boardwalks and signboards are made of recycled wood, even the Instagram famous bird watch arch is made of recycles pipes!




The mystery cow does actually exist. I’ve not seen it myself, but I can tell you with full conviction that it does exist because I saw a pile of fresh looking cow dung near one of the rest areas.


Most plants are labelled which really shows the thought that the National Park Board put into this island.



There are a few beach stations around the island which allows you free access to the open sea – super cool because it really does make you feel like you’re on an authentic island, Survivor style. Coney Island is a real island in the sense that it is an island on its own, but it also its connected by a really short bridge so yeah. The fact that National Park Boards have deliberately ensured that there are no modern amenities on the island (there is 1 self-sustaining toilet, which I unfortunately did not chance upon) – really gives the island a unique vibe that I’ve not experienced any where else in Singapore.


I overheard quite a number of people on the island saying “Eh, I read online that there are sandflies here leh! Let’s not sit here!” I mean, guys, we are on an island, don’t be a wuss. Sandflies are nothing. We should be excited if we find a few grass snakes too. It’s all part of the #islandlife. In case you were wondering – no, I did not encounter any sandflies.


Random tree logs intentionally placed at the rest areas to serve as seats for tired adventurers.


Outside of the island, you will find a place that rents really cute bicycles. I can’t ride so I just had a good time feasting my eyes on these pretty bikes.


The paths are mostly dirt trails, but due to the lack of uneven surfaces, the island is really a good location for family brisk walks.



The increasingly popular Instagram landmark – Bird Watch Arch.These beautiful arches can be found at the various bird watch stations all around the island. It’s meant to be a resting place for resident birds – sadly, I didn’t really see any birds around. I’m quite sure that after some time the birds will discover these arches though!


These tall and thin trees are all over the island. The middle of the island is basically completely covered with these trees – so densely populated that you definitely cant see the other side of the island from where you would be standing. It really is a breathtaking sight.

The true #islandlife concept that Coney Island represents is something that is new to Singapore and a promising sign in response to the world’s clamour for a more sustainable way of living. Is it worth the trip to Punggol? Most definitely, yes. It was such a refreshing experience and I would encourage anyone to visit. There is no hurry though, and if you would prefer avoiding a crowded island, I would suggest going on a weekday morning, like I did. 

It is beautiful thing when we realize that we don’t really need fancy shiny buildings, full blast air-conditioning or mindless consumerism to build an ideal recreational spot.

Before I end this post, just a word of caution for visitors who don’t intend to drive there. If you enter from the West Entrance, do not exit from the East Entrance because from the East Entrance, its a long long walk that will lead you directly to the highway (i.e. no buses or taxis there). If you’re taking public transport, start your adventure from the West Entrance, walk the entire loop of the island and then exit from the West Entrance too. For more information on how to get there, please visit NParks website.


Review: Givenchy Cosmetics

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Hello my lovelies!

Now Givenchy is not the first cosmetic brand that comes to mind when I think of high-end makeup… this is probably because I don’t really see Givenchy cosmetics advertorials as much as we see other high-end brands being advertised. Due to this lack of media presence, I have completely neglected trying out ANY of the Givenchy makeup products… until now, of course.

What made me go on a Givenchy haul was a crazy warehouse sale last weekend that I only got to know of thanks to an Instagram post that I chanced upon on my friend’s feed. Everything at this sale event was going for between 10-30 bucks!! That is like almost 60-70% off its original prices. I purchased many many items to add to my Christmas presents list but today, I will only be reviewing 4 main items which I was most excited to try out. Here are the glamorously packaged 4 items –

givenchy powder foundation lipliner cream eyeshadow cosmetics review 1

From left: Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation No.3, Givenchy Lip Liner No. 10 Rose, Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 in Perfect Gold, Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in No. 6 Kaki Brocat 

  1. Photo’Perfexion Fluid Foundation SPF 20 in Perfect Gold

I have tried MANY liquid foundations this year and this is currently ranked number 2 in my HG book (after Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, of course)

♥ Has SPF which is great because I never bother with sunblock, ever.

♥ Super matte finish which many girls would like

♥ Stays matte all freakin’ day (up to 10 hours, tried and tested)

♥ Super lightweight and no sticky feel on the face

✘ One layer provides rather poor coverage (This was quite a big issue for me – my forehead is naturally darker than the rest of my face, so when I applied 1 layer, it just couldn’t give my face that even toned look. I don’t like using more than 1 layer so I just left it that way and applied more powder to the forehead area.)

✘ Its matte formula can give a rather dull finish if you don’t complement the makeup with a blush/ bronzer/ highligher

2. Givenchy Prisme Libre Loose Powder Quartet Air Sensation No.3

This is the only Givenchy cosmetic product that I have actually known of prior to the sale… I’ve seen countless youtubers rave about this product but never got down to swatching because its just too darn expensive for a looser powder.

♥ Finely milled, resulting in air-brush finish

♥ Colour corrects and brightens thanks to 4 different tones of pigments provided in the box

♥ Helps to keep makeup completely matte in T-Zone area

✘ Creates a huge mess when trying to get the powder out

✘ Tendency to wash colour off your face if you apply too much

givenchy loose powder lip liner review

Here’s a picture of the foundation, powder and lip liner applied. The matte finish of the foundation combined with the added matte effect from the powder produces a very flat appearance on the skin. 

3. Givenchy Lip Liner No. 10 Rose

I have no expectations for Givenchy’s lip liners because I have always only trusted MAC’s lip liners… and boy did Givenchy completely blow me away with the creaminess of their lip liners. Step aside, MAC.

♥ So creamy, you could apply it on its own as a lipstick

♥ Does its job of keeping your lipstick on for almost 5-6 hours

♥ Really good option to overdraw your lips because of its soft and highly pigmented formula

✘ It does fade away quite a bit after a huge meal

4. Ombre Couture Cream Eyeshadow in No. 6 Kaki Brocat 

This cream eyeshadow was another product that pleasantly surprised me especially because the only cream eyeshadow I have good things to say about is ColourPop’s cream shadows. To be fair, you cant really compare the both because of the massive price difference (one pot of Givenchy is almost 5 times the price of Colourpop’s)

♥ In my humble opinion, this formula fares better than Colourpop’s – it is not as soft as Colourpop’s texture which allows for the pigments to stay on your lids for longer

♥ This olive green colour that I used is just phenomenal – beautiful colour which I have yet to see bring produced in other brands

I have nothing bad to say about the eyeshadow cream other than well obviously it is definitely pricey for a single shadow.


Here’s how the eyeshadow looks like up-close. I used Too Faced’s peanut butter shade on my crease and a random shimmer shade on the inner corners. The olive cream eyeshadow was really easy to blend! I was baking my undereye area with powder when I took this picture, hence the visible powder patch, lol.


Finished look: Added bronzer on my cheeks to bring some life to the skin and applied MAC’s Velvet Teddy on top of the lip liner. You can tell that my forehead is still darker than the rest of my face… ugh so annoying!

Ok guys – that’s all for my post on this Givenchy review! Thanks for dropping by and remember to stop by a Givenchy counter to give the brand a chance the next time you find yourself wandering into a Sephora!